SPK’s Three Pillars For Client Success

Now more than ever, a company must be at the top of its game. It must be free to focus on core product/service innovation, while remaining on the competitive edge. But few such companies have the time, resources, and money to excel at data, cloud, security and all their other corporate challenges simultaneously.

In this fast-moving manufacturing R&D environment, success requires collaboration with third-party expertise. And that’s why SPK is in business: We match our talents and skills to yours, and make clients such as you thrive.

We do this by building your success on three interlocking main pillars:

  1. Engineering collaboration services: These accelerate lagging R&D via powerful information technology solutions and decades of institutional know-how. We offer insights into product and service development, and an agile framework to deliver the results.
  2. Cloud services: These must wrap around and link each individual technology solution, enabling the complete data sharing demanded by an Internet of Everything world. We don’t just transact in the cloud occasionally — we live there with our solutions and shared data, and make the cloud part of our core business architecture.
  3. IoT/Smart products: We excel at working with your R&D departments to design and deploy connected smart/IoT-enabled cloud platforms. We combine these capabilities with our system management and business intelligence platforms. This way, after go-live, we can harvest relevant data from the network edges to gain insights for the continuous improvement of your connected platforms.

Continuum Of Collaboration

Today, you can’t have one of these pillars without integrated access to the other two. We know this because, by leveraging these pillars for 20 years, we’ve been able to deliver demonstrable results to our engineering/manufacturing customers. And SPK understands the special needs of clients that serve regulated markets (such as manufacturers in the medical device and automotive industries).

You benefit from the creation of secure, extensible technologies that handle every relevant task to succeed in your market. We support engineering deployments — from field monitoring to predictive maintenance to the rollout of new industry-changing solutions and services.

Our approach demands just the right combination of talent, techniques and technology. With our foundation, we know how to make our experts work together with your innovators — and to raise the bar of your success ever-higher.

Engineering Collaboration

Engineering Collaboration

Complex products require highly collaborative engineers.


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