What We Do

Facing slowdown in the product development lifecycle? Perhaps your engineering team could use a turbo shot of speed, automation and support. We have a formula for this: systems engineering, insight into product and service development, and an agile framework to deliver the results to you.

Acceleration of lagging R&D is what SPK specializes in. We do this by delivering information technology solutions that fit the very specialized needs of product and service development organizations. We achieve the mix by following these steps:

  1. We partner with your company
  2. You have free access to our 20 years of combined R&D experience
  3. We foster collaboration with your team, step by step, as we move together
  4. Together, we craft tech systems to streamline your engineering,
  5. We collaborate and succeed — the way you create
How We Do It

SPK puts the zing back into your creative engine. We do this by fielding a team that works intimately with your team to create strategic, nimble and innovative solutions that foster greater collaboration and teamwork. The result: You can leverage innovative business models that deliver new experiences to your customers and end users.

Our formula mix demands the proper dose of talent, techniques and technology. It has the power to drive clients in heavily regulated industries to hit their goals. Our customers typically compete in fields such as Manufacturing, Medical Device, Automotive, High Tech and SMB

Engineering Collaboration

Engineering Collaboration

Complex products require highly collaborative engineers.


Cloud strategies designed to help you meet your business objectives.


How are you leveraging the Internet of Things?

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