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vCAD – Cloud-based CAD for Modern Engineering

vCAD, also known as virtual CAD or cloud based CAD, is an easy-to-use product.  It allows you to quickly set up and manage virtual workstations in AWS, optimized for MCAD, ECAD, and FEA applications such as SolidWorks, Creo, Cadence, Ansys, and more.   vCAD enables your team to create engineering workstations that are preconfigured with your engineering application. All this, at the touch of a button.  For years, we have heard that companies want to keep their CAD investment but enjoy the power of the cloud.   Now, you can bring new engineers or drafters onboard in just minutes. With vCAD, there’s no more waiting for IT to buy and configure a new desktops or laptops.

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Attention SolidWorks Users

Concerned about the scheduled price increase of SolidWorks in 2022?  vCAD allows companies to increase their license utilization across users, which delivers license cost optimization.  Schedule a demo to learn more!

Improve Performance of CAD Apps

Drastically improve the performance of MCAD, EDA, and FEA apps for remote engineers. Design from anywhere.

Secure CAD Data and IP

Secure your proprietary designs and sharing of these designs between engineers, contract manufacturers and acquired companies.

Simple, Affordable, Scalable

Provision computing for new and contract engineers quickly. Scale your engineering team easily and affordably.

Why we built vCAD – Remote Engineers

One of the biggest issues for engineering groups still fully reliant on On-Premise systems is how to access their critical design tools when working from remote design centers, or from home. There are a myriad of challenges — difficulties tapping into the design software through the corporate virtual private networks (VPNs), limitations with existing software licenses, and so on. CAD, simulation and high-end visualization and design tools are typically susceptible to remote access challenges. Yet, traditional IT services within most companies don’t have the bandwidth, or deep domain experience and skill set required to manage remote engineering design applications. These are the lifeblood of product development.

Sound like a problem in the making? You bet! Particularly when it impacts the productivity of your engineering development team.  That’s why we built vCAD.


Benefits of vCAD (virtual CAD/ cloud based CAD):

  • Virtual CAD provides optimized performance, support and management of engineering design applications for remote design centers, and work-from-home teams.
  • Provides deep remote monitoring down to the application level to ensure that engineering design apps are up and running at the level of performance that design engineers expect.
  • Ensures issues with Solidworks/PDM and Creo/Windchill check-out and check-in and other CAD, simulation and high-end visualization and design tools flow, as if they were on-site.
  • Provides engineering managers with visibility to engineering productivity metrics for engineers working remotely.

Spending too much time on IT and physical equipment?

vCAD solves many IT and engineering problems based upon the ease of use, scalability and performance it provides to product teams.  Contact us so we can show you how vCAD can benefit you in just 15 minutes.

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Frequently Asked vCAD Questions

Can I just use AWS myself?

  • Well, you could, but you would miss out on the valuable features you get with vCAD instead!
  • You’ll get access to the vCAD management platform, a web-based console, greatly simplifies the management and analysis of AWS usage.
  • Using the vCAD management interface, you can set budgets with alerts, trend analysis, tag reporting, etc.  The vCAD management interface allows for usage hour policies that will minimize costs, which AWS does not provide by default.
  • Only vCAD allows you to create a unique desktop template for each team, with all needed apps and configurations.  Then, you can replicate that desktop at the touch of a button, which saves hours of setup time.
  • Another reason to use SPK for vCAD is that you’ll get consolidated billing for vCAD and other managed services.
  • SPK has 3 years of development into the vCAD platform – Much more than any other vendor offering a cloud CAD platform.

      Wouldn't I get a better rate from AWS directly?

      All SPK services are provided at AWS market rates or better.  vCAD has transparent billing, and includes a pass through of all AWS volume tier discounts and pricing.

      What is the vCAD SLA?

      vCAD and other SPK solutions have enhanced SLA’s. This is above and beyond what AWS provides. SLAs are organized around your business requirements.

      How do I get support for vCAD?

      vCAD clients get access to enterprise-class support including SPK’s dedicated AWS Technical Account Managers with vCAD or other managed services agreements.

      What happens if my users forget to turn off their vCAD?

      Using the vCAD management interface, you can set budgets with alerts, trend analysis, tag reporting, etc.  The vCAD management interface allows for usage hour policies that will minimize costs, which AWS does not provide by default.

      What our clients say

      Their talent is top notch and augments and deepens our engineering capabilities in technical areas where we lack expertise and cannot add dedicated personnel. 

      Ramanan P.

      Leading Medical Device Manu.

      Working with SPK feels like working with co-workers in my company, not like interacting with a typical technical support vendor. SPK staff are responsive and partner with me.

      Jay DiToro


      The personalized attention and detailed communication we receive working with SPK and Associates is pretty special. The accessibility of SPK team members is impressive...

      Evan B.

      Leading Medical Device Manu.

      High Performance Computing for MCAD/EDA/FEA Engineers

      The world of product development has changed.  Engineers no longer live and work in one building, or even multiple buildings connected by a company WAN.  Remote engineers on your team may live across the ocean.  And so, in the world of mechanical and electronic CAD, distributed teams like this cause poor performance of their engineering apps.  Moreover, many companies still deploy their CAD/EDA/FEA apps on local laptops and servers.  In today’s hyper-competitive world of product development, this is like tying a ball and chain around your ankle as you prepare for a sprint.  cloud based CAD is the answer.

      Recognizing the trend among companies to rely on remote design teams for agility and innovation, SPK and Associates developed a secure, cloud hosted Virtual Engineering Platform that enables these teams to work remotely without interruption, 24/7.

      vCAD is capable of running a heavy graphical processing load required by MCAD designers. And, coupled with our PDM in the Cloud, this solution removes the pains of designing for remote engineers. Furthermore, cloud based CAD can also be configured to easily run CPU-intensive FEA analyses.

      In addition to enabling a remote workforce with the application performance they require, this cloud solution also simplifies and reduces the cost of your current infrastructure.  In turn, it delivers instant ROI and increased productivity.  Companies are guaranteed rapid deployment, secure hosting, predictable costs, and 24/7 application management and support, optimization and updates from SPK’s experienced engineering technology specialists.

      Reasons to use a Cloud-based CAD

      • Coupled with SPK’s SolidWorks PDM in the Cloud, provides exceptional performance for all engineers, especially remote workers.

      • Protects company IP by never having CAD design files available or stored on remote engineers’ devices.

      • Saves days of time getting new or contract engineers up and working.

      • No large cash outlay to outfit engineers.

      • Scale up or down easily and affordably.

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