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Microsoft Certified Partner Experts

SPK and Associates helps deploy scalable and secure environments that leverage Microsoft on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure along with providing optimized software licensing services to ensure you realize the full value of your Microsoft investment.  Our team works with our clients to enable employees and teams to securely, and remotely, do their best work by having full visibility and transparency into the health and status of your software and devices.  The security of your data is important, and is at the forefront of anything we architect for our clients.

Boost productivity and enable secure, cloud-based collaboration for your employees with Microsoft solutions including O365.  Our experts are here to help you choose, implement and optimize the right-fit Microsoft offerings.  


Help your organization succeed with smart technologies from Microsoft and a trusted partner.

Work from Anywhere

Productivity, advanced security, and device management – All in one.

Migrate and Optimize

With SPK’s experience, we can help integrate and manage your cloud or hybrid platform.  Learn more.

Adapt and Innovate

Tools to improve your business process, accelerate sales, and increase overall productivity.

Benefits of Working With Us For Your Microsoft Subscription


Billing Terms
When working directly with Microsoft, your subscription will be billed against a credit card.  With SPK and Associates, our team will provide you net billing terms that works with the way you do business.

Higher Support
When working with Microsoft directly, and needing technical support, you’ll need to work with their Tier 1 team.  This means a delay in getting to technical people that can give you feedback and help troubleshoot immediately.  If you work directly with SPK and Associates, you’ll go straight to a higher tier of support, not Tier 1, and also have access to SPK’s team of experts to help resolve any troubles you may have.

Potential for Discounts
In many cases, SPK and Associates receives discounts on licensing for Microsoft products.  When we obtain those discounts, we pass those to you so you receive the savings you deserve.  This is a small, but important value that working with our team can provide.

Microsoft Expertise At Your Fingertips

Our team of experts are ready to advise you on Microsoft solutions, including co-creating your Cloud strategy, any cloud migration, license management, and helping you achieve efficient business operations with your Microsoft investment.

Talk with an Expert

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