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Certified GitLab Experts

SPK’s team of experts has the experience to help you in your DevOps journey.  At a high level, each GitLab implementation/migration is different.  To address those differences and understand the quickest way to value, our team will hold discovery sessions with your software and systems engineers, security specialists, and other IT stakeholders to understand your deployment requirements. Using the GitLab reference architectures as a guide, our team will provide a detailed roadmap that will utilize industry standard architecture and tools to walk your engineers through how to deploy the multi-component, highly available architecture. 

Our DevOps as a Service model allows us to be invovled as much or as little as you desire.  SPK’s flexible services can include building a plan for disaster recovery, planning for software version upgrades, infrastructure management and more.  Trust a certified partner for your implementation.

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GitLab Product Overview

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GitLab DevSecOps Professional Services Experts

SPK and Associates stands out as the premier choice for GitLab professional services, offering a wealth of expertise in both implementation and consulting across various dimensions of software development.  With a legacy spanning over two decades, we have consistently proven ourselves as a leader in Engineering & IT Services, specifically catering to product and software development teams.  Our commitment to harnessing technology for optimal engineering performance aligns seamlessly with the needs of our clients.  Whether you require implementation services, consulting for performance enhancement, or tool integration within the GitLab ecosystem, SPK is your trusted partner for comprehensive GitLab professional services.

At SPK, our deep understanding of systems, processes, data, and applications crucial to successful product development sets us apart.  We are dedicated to accelerating your product development lifecycle, ensuring that you build, test, and release products faster and with higher quality. Our core expertise spans across key functional areas, including Product Lifecycle Management, Software Lifecycle Management, Cloud for Engineering, and Data Engineering and Analytics. By choosing SPK and Associates, clients not only gain access to our wealth of experience but also partner with a woman-owned company committed to excellence in every aspect of GitLab professional services.

What truly sets SPK apart is our agility in adapting to the dynamic landscape of technology.  Whether it’s navigating the intricacies of DevOps or ensuring robust security in Cloud for Engineering, we are equipped to meet the evolving needs of our clients.  With a customer-centric approach, SPK and Associates emerges as the go-to choice for organizations seeking unparalleled GitLab professional services that propel them towards success in the fast-paced world of software development.

Our Most Popular GitLab Professional Services

GitLab Differentiators

Single Application for Entire DevOps Lifecycle

  • Complete DevSecOps platform delivered as a single application
  • One interface, one user-model, one data model
  • A software “factory” that supports the entire DevOps lifecycle
  • Deeply integrated, making developers happier and more efficient
  • Centralized collaboration for a wide variety of roles (collaborate without waiting)

Leading SCM and CI in One Application

  • The backbone of a DevOps toolchain in one application
  • Streamlines code review and collaboration
  • Start with SCM or CI (or both)
  • One interface, one user-model, one data model
  • Interoperable with other tools (continue using tools you love!)
  • Proven enterprise scale

Built In Security and Compliance

  • Security features out-of-the-box (code scanning, dependency scanning, secrets detection, etc.)
  • Automated security testing and audit controls to facilitate policy compliance
  • Shift left: move security testing earlier in the development lifecycle; security testing at the point of code commit
  • Developers get immediate feedback about new vulnerabilities they introduce
  • Enables better collaboration between development and security teams
  • One interface, one user-model, one data model for DevSecOps

Optimized for Kubernetes

  • Enables adoption of modern cloud-native development patterns such as microservices and serverless
  • Minimizes the Kubernetes learning curve by enabling setup and use of clusters from the GitLab user interface
  • View and manage Kubernetes deployment pod details and logs from the GitLab user interface
  • Automatic monitoring of every Kubernetes deployed application and the clusters they are deployed to
  • Built-in canary and incremental deployment strategies with automatic canary metric collection and display
  • Active contributor to the future of cloud native technologies (through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation)

Deploy Your Software Anywhere

  • Deploy to any environment, any cloud
  • Support for GCP, AWS, Azure, OpenShift, VMWare, On Prem, Bare Metal, etc.
  • Workflow portability: one deployment workflow regardless of destination

Rapid Innovation

  • Releases every month, for 100+ months running
  • A constant stream of new features –> GitLab gets more valuable over time
  • Uniquely transparent product development process; customers, partners and community can contribute

End-to-End Insight and Visibility

  • Common data model uniquely allows for insights across the entire DevSecOps lifecycle
  • Configurable insights dashboard that shows status of work items over time
  • Cycle analytics data helps identify areas of improvement of cycle times
  • Security insights provide a roll-up of vulnerabilities
  • Program level insights help keep projects on-track

Flexible GitLab Hosting Options

  • Use in the cloud or install in your own environment (cloud or on-prem)
  • Feature parity between GitLab.com and self-managed
  • Migrate from one hosting option to another when needs change
  • Implement hybrid hosting models to support scaling (like CI Runners in the cloud)
  • Easy to upgrade and maintain in any environment

Open Source; Everyone Can Contribute

  • Open core development model allows anyone to contribute to the functionality of the product
  • Uniquely transparent product development process engaging customers, partners and the community
  • Strong and growing community (100K+ organizations and millions of users)
  • Harness open source innovations within the product experience (e.g. Prometheus)

Collaborative and Transparent Customer Experience

  • We operationalize our core values into how we develop our product and engage with our community and customers
  • Extreme transparency around roadmaps, issues, company meetings and processes
  • We use GitLab for collaborating with customers in a transparent way, for both issue resolution and roadmap iteration
  • GitLab provides an evolving case study of DevSecOps and agile practices at scale, accessible through the public handbook

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What makes SPK and Associates different?

Customer Relationships

Typically, our clients choose to collaborate with SPK and Associates for an extended period, often spanning over 8 years.

Regulated Industries

20+ Years of experience with medical device, aerospace, automotive and other regulated industries

Hardware + Software

Uniquely positioned with years of understanding of both hardware and software product development


SPK consistently ensures compliance, quality, and cost-efficiency when accelerating products to market

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