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How Can SPK ACEs Help You?

SPK is proud to have aided our customers for over 20 years. Our main goal has always been accelerating products to market while ensuring cost-efficiency, compliance, and quality. If you would like to save time and money while increasing efficiency and compliance, SPK can help. 





Accelerated Time to Market

SPK utilizes various solutions to ensure your products get to market quickly. We offer management services allowing us to handle all facets of product development. Our experts do this with the help of tools from our amazing technology partners. Additionally, we implement DevOps practices to improve collaboration and streamline processes. Our consultants identify inefficiencies and offer custom solutions for each of our clients, creating a unique workflow that accelerates time-to-market. 

Cost Efficiency

While accelerating time-to-market can generate revenue sooner, there are additional ways SPK saves money for our clients. The main way we do this is by optimizing cloud and tool usage. Our experts ensure our clients get the most value from the systems we use. We avoid unnecessary costs on underutilized tools and ensure our solutions are scalable to grow with your company. Additionally, cloud utilization reduces costs by eliminating on-premise infrastructure expenses. Furthermore, our experts have a proactive approach to risk mitigation, reducing costly inefficiencies and delays. 

Exceptional Quality

Deploying products quickly at a lower cost is great, but maintaining quality is important. Fortunately, SPK ensures the highest quality for our customers by implementing robust quality assurance processes. We work closely with our clients to understand expectations and achieve client goals. Additionally, we foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring the technology and processes maintain the highest quality. 

Ensured Compliance

SPK’s experts are well-versed in industry-specific regulations and standards. This knowledge allows us to help clients navigate complex regulatory environments. In addition to our consulting services, SPK can conduct compliance audits and risk assessments to identify compliance gaps in existing systems. We develop and implement industry-specific compliance procedures unique to our clients and integrate technology solutions that support compliance. These include data encryption, access controls, and monitoring systems. Continuous monitoring systems generate regular compliance reports, keeping clients informed of their compliance posture. SPK also develops incident response plans to ensure compliance breaches are handled with ease. Our ongoing consulting services guarantee support for clients adapting to changing regulatory standards

What Our Clients Say

"SPK has been an invaluable partner in transforming our software development process. With SPK's guidance, our team embraced efficient methodologies and cutting-edge tools, significantly improving our development cycle and product quality."

Joshua Talbert
CEO, mysherpas

"Working with SPK feels like working with co-workers in my company, not like interacting with a typical technical support vendor. SPK staff are responsive and partner with me."

Jay DiToro
Director of Systems & Technology, Veranex

"The personalized attention and detailed communication we receive working with SPK and Associates is pretty special. The accessibility of SPK team members is impressive."

Evan Bruck
Director, Active Device Research and Development, BBraun Medical Inc.

What makes SPK and Associates different?

Customer Relationships

Typically, our clients choose to collaborate with SPK and Associates for an extended period, often spanning over 8 years.

Regulated Industries

20+ Years of experience with medical device, aerospace, automotive and other regulated industries

Hardware + Software

Uniquely positioned with years of understanding of both hardware and software product development


SPK consistently ensures compliance, quality, and cost-efficiency when accelerating products to market

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