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How we cater to the Manufacturing industry
Engineering focus

Over 20 years of experience in helping manufacturing companies meet their product development goals.

Tool and application support

We remove tool support from your R&D department’s plate, allowing them to focus on product development.

Internet of things

SPK and Associates stands at the forefront of the Internet of Things and connected device revolution.

Businesses that trust in SPK

Manufacturing Summary

The Internet of Things and connected device revolution are turning the world of manufacturing upside down. For many manufacturers, particularly those in high-tech fields like medical device manufacturers, R&D departments spend too much time supporting their own tools. More time spent supporting tools means less time spent developing new products. In the current breakneck product release environment, it’s important to not lose any time on distracting, time consuming and ultimately unrewarding tasks when SPK and Associates can handle them for you.

The IoT revolution requires that R&D incorporate strong information technology skills into their product lifecycle, such as networking, cybersecurity, and systems management.  SPK partners closely with our customers as part of their product development team, contributing necessary IT technical expertise to the product development process.

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