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field of automotive technology.

How we cater to the Automotive industry
Engineering and compliance management.

We integrate all your tools and solutions, with a sharp eye for the regulatory headaches of automotive engineering.

Integrating new technologies into design.

Emerging technologies in automotive, such as driverless cars and connected vehicles, present unique integration challenges. SPK and Associates boasts decades of combined experience integrating tools for a wide array of organizations.

Quality Management System (QMS) implementation and management.

We can manage your QMS system and integrate with your product lifecycle process and applications.

Businesses that trust in SPK

Automotive Summary

Automotive technology is currently enjoying a renaissance. The average consumer car is increasingly connected to the Internet. Driverless vehicles are quickly becoming a fact rather than a projection. Both disruptions mean an increased level of regulatory compliance for cutting edge automotive companies.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with regulated industries to decrease their time to market and speed up their product lifecycle. Our experience in product engineering and IT, combined with deep insights into regulatory snares prevents your disruptive products from staying on the shelf. Best of all, we can help accelerate your development cycle, decreasing your time to market.

We also offer fully outsourced IT managed services for startups and SMB’s. Trust a partner who knows automotive.

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