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CI/CD Readiness Assessment

Not sure if a DevOps approach is right for you?  Our team can help review your existing methods, processes, and technology to determine the gaps between siloed development and operations teams, missing tools, and changes to processes that need to occur to make your business CI/CD ready.  SPK and Associates have varied assessment packages that ultimately help determine the right tools and implementation plan to help your teams accelerate software releases faster than ever before.

Do I really need DevOps? Ask an Expert and we can help you determine the right path!

Our DevOps Experience

Driving Business Success with DevSecOps eBook

Driving Business Success with DevSecOps eBook

Looking for a way to revolutionize your approach to software development, security, and operations? You just found it. This free eBook, brought to you by SPK and GitLab, is your gateway to understanding DevSecOps. The evolution from DevOps to DevSecOps is not just a...

ISO 26262 Top 8 Blunders

ISO 26262 Top 8 Blunders

Are you navigating the complex terrain of automotive development? In an industry where the lines of code have surged from 10 million to a staggering 100 million in the last decade, ensuring functional safety has become paramount. And, as the automotive landscape...

How To Migrate From SolidWorks To Creo: The Roadmap

How To Migrate From SolidWorks To Creo: The Roadmap

Transitioning from SolidWorks to Creo can be a game-changer for many engineering teams seeking advanced capabilities and streamlined workflows. However, it often comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. That’s why we’re sharing an essential roadmap to...

What makes SPK and Associates different?

Customer Relationships

Typically, our clients choose to collaborate with SPK and Associates for an extended period, often spanning over 8 years.

Regulated Industries

20+ Years of experience with medical device, aerospace, automotive and other regulated industries

Hardware + Software

Uniquely positioned with years of understanding of both hardware and software product development

SPK’s Approach to DevOps

Our experts have worked with automation and software release systems for years, and were leaders in DevOps tool implementations with many of our clients.  Our experts will work side-by-side with your engineers to ensure that not only are the tools implemented correctly, but we help train, coordinate and apply improvements to your software release systems for the future.  Our goal is to help build the system for your future.

To achieve this, our engagements will normally include at least 3 stages (although all engagements are unique to some extent).  These stages are: 

  1. Discovery and Planning
  2. Installation and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  3. Integration and Finalization
  4. Training and/or Managed Services

Discovery and Planning

Our team will work with you to create a DevOps roadmap based upon feedback from your team, stakeholders, and others.  This phase includes a review of existing and potential tools.  The roadmap that is created will consist of desired outcomes and helping to identify the metrics along the way.

Pilot Program (MVP)

Using existing tools, or trials of potentially new tools, our team will help integrate your business, technical and platform needs into a simple pilot program or minimum viable product (MVP) for testing.  This program is meant to learn from.  This learning helps drive the rest of the engagement.

DevOps Implementation

In this phase, we accelerated our learning to perform a successful DevOps implementation with analysis, design, coding, and automated deployment can reduce manual steps, minimize the impact of human error, and create time for more innovation.  This involves integration of other tools, and creating a final pipeline that is scalable and repeatable.

Training and/or Managed Services

Not only can our team help build your CI/CD pipeline and train you how to manage it moving forward, but we can also help be the bridge for your longer term DevOps strategy by providing on-going managed services in the DevOps release pipeline.  Learn more.

Cloud Infrastructure Enables DevOps

Because DevOps strategy revolves around people, processese and tools, our teams look to our AWS and Azure experience as a foundation of a new way of working for IT Operations and development teams.  In order to form a way to quickly deploy new code, but provide the flexibility of recovery, we believe that cloud technologies are the key component to help solve common challenges such as manual deployments, delays from coding to production, and the lack of communication with all involved.

Combining AWS and Azure for Optimal Cloud Performance

Contact a DevOps Expert

Do you want to have 200x faster deployments?  Do you want to have your deployments go from 10 days to 10 minutes?  Our team can help.  These are real life outcomes that we get for our clients.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Readiness.

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What Our Clients Say

"SPK has been an invaluable partner in transforming our software development process. With SPK's guidance, our team embraced efficient methodologies and cutting-edge tools, significantly improving our development cycle and product quality."

Joshua Talbert
CEO, mysherpas

"Working with SPK feels like working with co-workers in my company, not like interacting with a typical technical support vendor. SPK staff are responsive and partner with me."

Jay DiToro
Director of Systems & Technology, Veranex

"The personalized attention and detailed communication we receive working with SPK and Associates is pretty special. The accessibility of SPK team members is impressive."

Evan Bruck
Director, Active Device Research and Development, BBraun Medical Inc.