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Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

We’re not just for enterprise-level organizations. Small- and medium-sized businesses stand to benefit greatly from the Cloud, Data and IT managed services offered by SPK.

Often times, smaller organizations think a run-of-the-mill managed IT service can meet their needs. However, such IT service providers generally don’t support the wide array of technologies that SPK has experience with.  For example, see our software menu above.  Because of this, SPK has become a trusted partner of the mid-market because of our extensive understanding of product development.  And in order to develop a great product and get it to market, you must have the infrastructure, data, analytics, and support to thrive.  SPK is your trusted partner for those areas.

What Our Clients Say

"SPK has been an invaluable partner in transforming our software development process. With SPK's guidance, our team embraced efficient methodologies and cutting-edge tools, significantly improving our development cycle and product quality."

Joshua Talbert
CEO, mysherpas

"Working with SPK feels like working with co-workers in my company, not like interacting with a typical technical support vendor. SPK staff are responsive and partner with me."

Jay DiToro
Director of Systems & Technology, Veranex

"The personalized attention and detailed communication we receive working with SPK and Associates is pretty special. The accessibility of SPK team members is impressive."

Evan Bruck
Director, Active Device Research and Development, BBraun Medical Inc.

Most Popular Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Data Advisory Services

For small and medium businesses, using data is like trying to rescue a piano from a burning room.  At SPK, we understand and we can help get you from disorganized to streamlined quickly and without breaking the bank.

Data Analytics Services

Whether it’s financial analytics like revenue, expenses, and profitability, or specific product or customer analytics like buying patterns, product availability and roadmap, SPK has the experience and tools necessary to provide tangible business results.

Managed Services

Our managed services approach is like that of process improvement.  Our teams work as your internal teams do, using the same tools and processes but with our expertise to streamline your product delivery.

Companies that Trust SPK and Associates

Small and Medium Businesses Resources

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