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Medical Device Trends For 2024

2020 was a wild ride, especially for the medical device world. The pandemic shook things up, making everyone scramble to adjust to a new way of doing things. Now, four years later as we peek into 2024, the medical device scene is still changing. This blog post will walk you through the big trends shaping medical device manufacturing in 2024. We’re talking about how technology, data, and smart people are steering the ship toward a stronger and more innovative future.

Medical Device Trend #1 – Deeper Digital

If there’s one thing 2020 taught the medical world, it was the importance of being quick on our feet. Companies swiftly adjusting to the sudden surge in demand showed us that being flexible and adaptable is the survival factor. Now, in 2024, everyone is talking about going digital from start to finish. This means using technology to make production smoother and more flexible, preparing us for whatever challenges come our way. Whilst this may not come as a surprise, we may just be surprised by some of the fast advancements of the technology we use. So, as a new ‘trend’ pops up: Familiarize, exercise and implement if it works for you.

We also highly recommend utilizing tools like Greenlight Guru and MasterControl’s eQMS module, to ensure smooth, and compliant MedTech innovations.

Medical Device Trend #2 – Smart Computers Making Devices Smarter

The mix of technology, data, and smart people is changing how we make medical devices. And, with the mainstream adoption of smart computers like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we expect deeper integration with every day medtech devices too. For example, better developments in diagnosing, personalizing treatments, and predicting what might happen next. In 2024, these technologies will play a big role in making medical devices more efficient and responsive to patients’ needs.

Medical Device Trend #3 – Better Ways to Take Care of Patients Remotely

The pandemic pushed us to try out new ways of doing things. Now, we’re looking at improving how we connect healthcare providers with patients, especially from a distance. We expect a deeper adoption of technology to make telehealth and remote monitoring devices even better. 

Medical Device Trend #4 – Keeping Things Safe in a Connected World

As more medical devices become connected to the internet, and join the IoT ecosystem, we need to make sure they’re safe from cyber threats – because let’s face it, they’re increasing in both volume and smarts too.  In 2024, there will be a bigger focus than ever on protecting both MedTech and patient data. If you need support with your MedTech cybersecurity this year, make sure to partner with an expert.


Medical Device Trends for 2024
Be nimble - Medical Device Trends 2024Be nimble - Medical Device Trends 2024

Medical Device Trend #5 – Making Devices Personalized for You

2020 showed us how important it is to treat each person as an individual. In the future, medical devices will be tailored to fit each patient’s unique needs. This means more focus on custom implants, using 3D printing for devices, and even considering a person’s genes for treatment plans. 

Medical Device Trend #6 – Being Quick and Nimble in a Changing Market

Yes, medical device companies are getting better at handling quick changes in the market. Being able to switch gears fast is a big deal. Companies that can do this well are setting the standard for success. In 2024, this ability to adapt quickly will continue to be a key factor in the industry’s success. We expect to see the market:

  • Putting more of a focus on streamlining operations.
  • Improving their manufacturing and communication technology.
  • A wider spread cloud adoption for quick scalability. If you haven’t migrated to the cloud yet, here’s 10 tips for your cloud migration strategy.

Medical Device Trend #7 – Following the Rules in a Tech World

Rules about making medical devices are changing to keep up with new technology. In the US, for example, the FDA is updating its ways to make sure things are safe and work well. In 2024, we’ll see more companies adapting to these new rules and using technology like cloud computing to meet them.

Medical Device Trend #8 – Attracting And Retaining Talent

The future needs people who understand technology and people. But here’s the challenge: finding and keeping these smart folks. In 2024, there’s a big focus on getting the right people with the right skills. This means attracting them to the industry and making sure they stick around. There’s likely to be more of a focus on how to improve organizational culture and credibility to attract and retain talent.

What’s Next for Medical Device Making?

Looking ahead to 2024, it’s clear the way we make medical devices is changing big time. The mix of technology, data, and smart people is shaping things up, bringing in innovation and making the industry stronger. By embracing these trends, the medical device world isn’t just adjusting to change – it’s leading the way into a future where healthcare is more connected, personal, and resilient than ever before. The journey has just begun, and exciting possibilities are waiting for those leading the charge in medical device innovation.

If you need support to improve your MedTech operations for 2024, contact our team at SPK.

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