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Maximizing Continuous Delivery with CloudBees

Maximizing continuous delivery with CloudBees
Published by Carlos Almeida
on November 3, 2020

Over the last 5 years, the number of companies that utilize the practices of Continuous Delivery (CD) soared. In fact, a 2014 white paper from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) revealed more than 70% of companies utilize various CD practices! Though EMA published this white paper in 2014, many of the suggestions and solutions remain applicable today. Much of the appeal stems from the flexibility of CD, as the practices differ based on an organization’s specific needs. Furthermore, many companies that implemented CD practices reported 60% acceleration on their software deliveries. 

Naturally, all of these companies constantly scour for other opportunities to increase efficiency. At SPK and Associates, we firmly believe that the CloudBees platform (a portion of which was formerly Electric Cloud Flow) is a top-tier option to establish strong foundational processes, expedite your software development and delivery, and ultimately, provide more time for your engineers to create software, rather than manage a platform!

Software Development Issues Solved by CI/CD?

Some common SDLC issues noted in the EMA White Paper include a lack of standardized and enforced processes, slow-moving development, the risks involved in presenting new code to production, and a lack of IT support or personnel.  The proper implementation and management of CloudBees links all the tools in your DevOps toolchain for secure, effective automation of your software releases.  This is one area SPK can certainly help.

At SPK and Associates, we cultivate stable automation practices so your engineers can shift their focus from operation tasks to creative endeavors. As an award-winning Managed Service Provider and trusted CloudBees partner for 11 years, our team at SPK and Associates provides reliable, extensive MSP capabilities. We work closely to manage your software projects within CloudBees. Once again, this ensures more time for your engineers to create, rather than manage or complete administrative tasks.

Also, another source of administrative stress stems from a lack of proper automation within IT teams or personnel resources. Many companies report that their IT employees feel too overwhelmed to effectively run day-to-day operations and larger production needs. This presents another opportunity for an SPKAA and CloudBees platform solution: applied automation provided by continuous delivery! The less time your IT gurus spend on error-prone, time-consuming manual administrative tasks, the less strain on your business resources. 

These issues highlight a common theme: cultivating a superior environment for your employees, including your DevOps team. 

Why is Automation of Software Delivery Important? 

With an ever-growing need for automation — and ever-growing ROIs — embrace this opportunity to implement a set of CD practices.  Automating your SDLC with a continuous integration and continuous delivery platform yields measurable results, including:

  • Velocity, with quality — faster time-to-market, but not at the cost of poor software quality;
  • Higher productivity — less tedious and manual tasks translates to happier, more productive engineers;
  • Reduced risk — adherence to internal and external policies ensured.

At every stage of the process, we provide expert advisors and secure, unique solutions for your company’s needs. By establishing strong foundational blocks with CloudBees, your DevOps team will thank you for years to come!

Let SPK and Associates guide you through the implementation process, and manage your CloudBees platform with consistency and care. 

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