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Compare Confluence Cloud vs Data Center

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Written by Michael Roberts
Published on September 22, 2023
Categories: Atlassian | Cloud

In February 2024, Atlassian is pulling the plug on Confluence Server. The clock is ticking, and you are left with two options: Confluence Cloud vs Data Center. Making the right choice could significantly impact your operations, and workflow for the future growth of your company. So, as an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

Why Confluence Server is Going Away

Ultimately, it’s time to make a decision given Atlassian Cloud migrations take on average 3-12 months to complete but many factors exist to speed up that transition, including working with an Atlassian Solution Partner like SPK and Associates. 

The discontinuation of Confluence Server is part of Atlassian’s larger strategy to focus on Cloud offerings. While this means the end of the road for Server, it opens doors to more scalable solutions that provide more automation and longevity. But, of course, that necessitates a choice on your part.

Confluence cloud vs data center

Let’s Compare Cloud vs Data Center


Confluence Cloud

Collaborative Efficiency

Confluence Cloud excels in delivering a user-friendly experience. The platform boasts streamlined collaboration, easy setup, and even easier management. These features make it a top choice for businesses looking for quick implementation and lower IT overhead.

Financial And Security Merits

One strong suit of Confluence Cloud is its cost-effectiveness. The saved resources and reallocated IT costs can be directed towards strategic priorities. Additionally, Atlassian has been heavily investing in security measures for better data control.

Easy Integration

Confluence Cloud seamlessly integrates with other Atlassian products and third-party applications. This can lead to an enriched user experience, enabling faster and more efficient work streams.

We highly recommend engaging with a trusted Atlassian partner to help you ease your transition to cloud. They will be able to support you in assessing your current cloud readiness, and how to complete your cloud migration easily.

Confluence Data Center: The Fort Knox Approach

Security And Compliance

If maintaining an iron grip on your data is vital, Data Center may be better suited for you. It still allows hosting on IaaS or on-premise, offering a heightened level of data control. However, you are likely to miss out on the latest, industry-leading security features Atlassian provides via its cloud offering. 

Customization And Scalability

Data Center offers great flexibility, especially for large enterprises. However, these extensive customization options often involve a complicated setup and require dedicated IT resources. Undoubtedly this can lead to lost ROI and resource overhead within your business.

Check out this image to fully compare Confluence Cloud vs Data Center features.

Want to know what else is changing with Atlassian in 2023? 

Check out the latest Atlassian news here.

The Slight Nudge Towards the Cloud

While both options have their merits, Cloud is emerging as the more convenient solution for a broader range of businesses. It offers quick deployment, and scalability, and reduces the strain on your IT resources. Additionally, with its automated updates and access to the latest features, it can reduce overheads and improve your growth, or scalability.

If you’re considering Cloud, check out this 10-point checklist for Atlassian Server migrations.

SPK’s Recommendation

The end-of-life for Confluence Server creates an opportune moment for businesses to reconsider their collaboration solutions. And, we can support you in making a calculated decision between Confluence Cloud vs Data Center.


As February 2024 approaches, the need to decide between Cloud and Data Center becomes urgent. SPK is here to offer you customized solutions based on your specific needs.


Contact SPK and Associates today for a customized recommendation on Confluence Cloud vs Data Center for your business.

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