Create and manage cloud CAD workstations at the touch of a button on our Virtual Engineering Platform.

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How can vCAD help your product development team?
Improve Performance of CAD Apps

Drastically improve the performance of MCAD, EDA, and FEA apps for remote engineers. Design from anywhere.

Secure CAD Data and IP

Secure your proprietary designs and sharing of these designs between engineers, contract manufacturers and acquired companies.

Simple, Affordable, Scalable

Provision computing for new and contract engineers quickly. Scale your engineering team easily and affordably.

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High Performance Computing for MCAD/EDA/FEA Engineers

The world of product development has changed.  Engineers no longer live and work in one building, or even multiple buildings connected by a company WAN.  Remote engineers on your team may live across the ocean.  And so, in the world of mechanical and electronic CAD, distributed teams like this cause poor performance of their engineering apps.  Regardless, many companies still deploy their CAD/EDA/FEA apps on local laptops and servers.  Unfortunately, in today’s hyper-competitive world of product development, this is like tying a ball and chain around your ankle as you prepare for a sprint.  Cloud based CAD is the answer.

Recognizing the trend among companies to rely on remote design teams for agility and innovation, SPK and Associates developed a secure, cloud hosted Virtual Engineering Platform that enables these teams to work remotely without interruption, 24/7.

vCAD is capable of running a heavy graphical processing load required by MCAD designers. And coupled with our PDM in the Cloud, this solution removes the pains of designing for remote engineers. Further, vCAD can also be configured to easily run CPU-intensive FEA analyses.

In addition to enabling a remote workforce with the application performance they require, this cloud solution also simplifies and reduces the cost of your current infrastructure.  In turn, it delivers instant ROI and increased productivity.  Companies are guaranteed rapid deployment, secure hosting, predictable costs, and 24/7 application management and support, optimization and updates from SPK’s experienced engineering technology specialists.

Reasons to Use Cloud Based CAD

            • Coupled with SPK’s SolidWorks PDM in the Cloud, provides exceptional performance for all engineers, especially remote workers.

            • Protects company IP by never having CAD design files available or stored on remote engineers’ devices.

            • Saves days of time getting new or contract engineers up and working.

            • No large cash outlay to outfit engineers.

            • Scale up or down easily and affordably.

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