Cloud Strategies that help you reach your product
release goals.

How can our Cloud Service help you?
Accelerate product development/enhancement cycles

Our background in DevOps and Agile best practices enable us to help you shorten times between development and release. This gives you more control over your schedules and makes release dates more predictable.

Cloud Managed Services

We can manage your cloud platforms with sophisticated monitoring, reporting, and responsiveness through cloud application management, taking that burden off your shoulders.

Cloud Migrations

Let us help you architect and migrate the right workloads into the cloud meeting your reliability, scalability, and availability requirements.

Businesses that trust in SPK

Cloud Summary

Your Product Development organization needs its own unique cloud-based technology solutions: There is no longer a one-size-fits-all option in the cloud world. Your own customers are too varied with ever changing demands. So, each deployment leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or any other Cloud Service Provider requires special attention.  Which workloads belong in the cloud?  Should this application be on-prem, solely in the cloud, or is hybrid cloud the right answer?

Skilled Cloud Engineering experts must architect and then configure these solutions to meet specific business demands. We developed our industry and line of business expertise over many years, directly in the field. This allows us to offer comprehensive support as you migrate your workloads and applications to an automated and optimized cloud stack. SPK frees you to focus on what you do best: Tackling your business and product innovation challenges.



Cloud solutions that fit for your specific business needs and your clients’ demands.


Connecting R&D, support, and other teams for higher-impact productivity.


Securely monitoring/controlling your cloud environments, letting you focus on higher-value activities.


Leveraging company data to gather insights that make you more competitive.
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