We’ll remove the manual effort and risk of your
software delivery, while you focus 100% on innovation.

As a CloudBees technical partner we provide various CloudBees services:
Software Delivery Automation

Using CloudBees CD (formerly Electric Flow), we connect all the tools in your DevOps toolchain to efficiently and securely automate the release of software

Metrics and Tracking to Improve Software Delivery

Equip your DevOps team with a metrics-driven solution for release orchestration, deployment automation, and environment management

DevOps Managed Services

We’ll focus on managing CloudBees CD and your DevOps toolchain, providing software delivery automation, while you focus 100% on innovation

Businesses that trust in SPK

Continuous Delivery Release Automation

Software delivery processes are designed to be simple and effective. Yet, often they are unintentionally overly complex, resulting in ineffective and delayed releases. Additionally, the same delivery process is not adequately metrics-driven, and you lose sight of how your teams are actually performing.

As a CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner, we deploy CloudBees CD (formerly Electric Cloud Flow) to provide immediate transparency into your end-to-end software delivery process. We integrate your DevOps toolchain, which removes bottlenecks by automating the software delivery process. The result — significantly improved software delivery and quality.

Additionally, our SPK DevOps Managed Services is a powerful option for organizations wanting to accelerate their DevOps transformation journey and have their software delivery foundation managed by an experienced team.

Employing SPK’s software delivery automation, delivery management and managed CloudBees services enables you to do what you do best, focusing 100% on innovation. We’ll take care of the rest.

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