With IoT, every industry now needs
operational technology.

How can our IoT Managed Services help you?
Full-service OT solutions.

We provide customer-facing OT solutions tailored to customer needs.

IoT device support.

Operational technology includes the challenge of IoT device support.

Maintain IoT security requirements.

Numerous customer-facing devices require meeting stricter, fast-changing security challenges.

Free your IT department.

IT requires stringent adherence to tighter SLA’s, requiring a different group and different processes.

Businesses that trust in SPK

IoT Managed Services Summary

When you start making your “dumb” medical devices into “smart” medical devices, there are a lot of headaches to deal with. A wide spectrum of new capabilities have to be architected, tested and deployed for effective use on a cloud platform. What’s more, all new capabilities must conform with stringent regulatory oversight.

Why reinvent the wheel? We have over 20 years experience helping medtech and biotech move into new worlds of technology. Our subscription-based cloud solutions for intelligent medical devices deal with common, uncommon and even exotic challenges during this transition. We know that no two organizations are the same. Let us craft a solution for you.



Innovating the right solutions for your organization’s needs.


Increasing organizational collaboration for increased productivity and morale.


We do the dirty work your engineers don’t want to do, allowing them to focus on being engineers.


Making your tools and infrastructure integrate efficiently for optimum performance.
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