Smart, connected devices are filling your data lake.
How do you identify what’s important?

How can our IoT Analytics Services help you?
Remote monitoring.

Monitor product performance in real time for predictive maintenance and enhancement insights.

Predictive maintenance.

Let data analytics help inform you when downtime is coming and schedule maintenance more effectively.

Product insights.

Leverage cloud computing to collect, store, and analyze product data to provide customer or operational insights.

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Analytics Summary

Smart medical devices offer a lot of promise. They also come with specific challenges. Many medical devices require remote monitoring. Others integrate predictive maintenance solutions to save lives long before traditional devices even knew there was a problem. Insights and analytics offer information about patient needs even the most skilled clinicians would have trouble finding.

For medtech companies, moving into the world of intelligent medical devices can be daunting. You already have regulatory and compliance headaches. Moving into the world of IoT and IMDs can have you worried about what nightmares lie ahead. We have over 20 years experience consulting with medtech and biotech companies. We can guide you through this process.

Whether your application involves tracking sensor data from a connected car, or capturing blood sugar levels from a glucose monitor, sending that data into the cloud is only the first step.  Taking that data and identifying insights important to the business is much more difficult.

We can help you identify the best in class tools and data analytics partners best suited to your situation.  Coupled with our years of experience in Cloud and DevOps Automation, together we can efficiently and effectively provide data insights or even help you discover new possibilities.



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