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How can our Knowledge Based Engineering Automation Services help you?
Application integration and automation expertise.

Streamline your design process, saving countless hours of engineering time.

There's no substitute for experience.

We have been supporting and managing engineering applications for small and large teams for 20 years.

We handle many different engineering applications.

From Simulation to CAD to PDM/PLM to Software CI/CD.

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Workflow Automation & Integration Summary

In today’s hyper-competitive world, engineering teams have turned to integration, automation, cloud engineering and more to increase productivity and drive innovation – with a primary focus on sharpening the organization’s competitive edge of releasing new products, faster.

Our Knowledge Based Engineering Services utilize our many years of experience in implementing integration and automation algorithms to streamline your design process, saving you countless hours of design time.

Our experience with SolidWorks and PTC tools, for example, enables us to implement custom rules and apply them to your CAD models, allowing you to get a jump on new projects by integrating and automating the majority of your previous CAD modeling tasks! Or, we can simply automate challenging redundant tasks. Either way, we can save you countless hours of design time.

For organizations that employ remote design teams, we have extensive experience implementing secure, cloud based solutions that provide your remote design engineers with access to critical data 24/7, updated in real-time, to a single source of truth, so that everyone works from the same page.  This empowers your design team to achieve the results they are after faster, without risk.

Too many meetings, out of date or inaccurate data, frustrated with lack of project visibility? Our Knowledge Based Services can design the analytics that provide you with the visibility you require, enabling you to spot roadblocks, set priorities, view project status, and secure feedback in real-time.

Contact us today to find out how SPK and Associates can optimize, integrate and manage your engineering applications and workflow at a price that you simply cannot afford to walk away from.



Free up engineers to innovate by removing manual methods and overhead.


Work and create together by breaking down walls between engineering and operations.


We’ll manage your operations infrastructure and processes.


Develop and track automation metrics to evaluate your efficiency.
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