How can our Application Management Services help you?
There’s no substitute for experience:

We have been managing engineering applications for small and large teams for 20 years.

We handle many different engineering applications:

From Simulation to multi-vendor CAD to PDM/PLM to Software build/release apps, we seamlessly manage the tools engineers need to design and develop products..

Application integration and automation expertise:

Utilize our years of experience implementing integration and automation algorithms to streamline your design process, saving countless hours of design time.



Creating digital solutions to accelerate your engineers’ design and development.


Increasing R&D collaboration for higher productivity and morale.


Integrating your applications and infrastructure for optimum efficiency and performance.


Creating a competitive advantage by unlocking insights out of your engineering data.

Technology Managed By Engineers, For Engineers

Engineering development teams rely on applications to develop new innovative products, from CAD to PDM/PLM, to simulation, to software CI/CD applications.  Yet, traditional IT services within most companies don’t have the bandwidth, or deep domain experience and skill set required to manage these applications — which are the lifeblood of product development.

Let’s face it, managing and supporting multiple engineering applications from different vendors can be a challenge.

Sound like a problem in the making? You bet! Particularly when it impacts the productivity of your engineering development team.

Wouldn’t you love to have a dedicated, experienced team of engineering IT professionals who are experts at engineering applications, workflow integration, automation, systems and networking, working for you?  We take the reins and manage your engineering applications so that your hardware and software engineers can focus on developing better products faster, with fewer hiccups.

Think of us as a technical extension of your IT team, with deep domain knowledge to support your engineering applications and engineering IT issues. We don’t compete with your IT team, but complement them wherein we work as a team of one to support your engineering needs.

In other words, we bridge the gap between IT and engineering.

Contact us today to find out how SPK and Associates can optimize, integrate and manage your engineering applications at a price that you simply cannot afford to walk away from.

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