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Using Rational Response Files to Install ClearCase and ClearQuest

This week we continue on the topic of installing using IBM Installation Manager.  But with a bit of a difference.  Instead of bringing up the IM install GUI and using it to conduct the installation, we will take a step toward greater installation automation and create what is known as a response file.

IM response files capture all the actions taken when doing a GUI install and enable the person doing the install to replay the install during any number of subsequent installs.  We will take the repository that we created previously using IBM Packaging Utility and use it as input for creating an installation response file.

This is a rather useful facility that IBM has provided.  Instead of having to click Next through interminable numbers of install screens for each install that is done, we can record an install and replay it using a single line command.  The line command can be run from a script, but I will leave that step as an exercise for the user!  Please have a look at how to use response files and give your response on how useful the information is, and how it might be improved.

Click on SPK_RationalResponseFiles to view the details.

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