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SPK vCAD’s Latest Enhancements for Q1 2024

vCAD updates
Written by Mike Solinap
Published on March 5, 2024
Categories: Remote Engineers | vCAD

With a host of exciting updates and features on the horizon, SPK’s vCAD is gearing up to further redefine the virtual design experience. vCAD is more than a mere design tool; it is a solution with a broad range of use cases, from technical recruitment to mechanical engineering and more. Not only does it allow for real-time collaboration, it’s also a bridge for Apple users seeking entry into Solidworks on their iPad or Macbook. Check out the details of the vCAD updates, latest enhancements, upcoming features, and a few use cases to inspire you on how you can use it.

vCAD Updates, February 2024

Passthrough Authentication for Workstation Sign-Ins

Firstly, with this feature update, you can say goodbye to static usernames and passwords. To further strengthen security and incorporate two-factor protection seamlessly, vCAD workstations will now use users’ console credentials for sign-ins. This will fortify the security framework and ensure a smooth and integrated authentication process.

New Look and Feel

Secondly, workstation controls are set to undergo optimization, presenting users with a context menu instead of individual buttons. This will streamline the user interface and lay the groundwork for supporting both current and future features. 

vCAD, cloud based CAD, virtual CAD

Reassignment of Workstations

Thirdly, flexibility is getting more focus. Now managers will gain the ability to reassign the ownership of existing workstations to other users within the company tenant. Essentially, this feature can:

  • Provide a hassle-free approach to managing workstations
  • Cater to the changing needs of a growing organization

Why You Should Use vCAD 

If you haven’t already joined the revolution and opted for a virtual workstation, it’s time you considered it. As a cloud-based engineering platform, it’s:

  • An easy-to-use product supporting dispersed workforces, creating cost efficiencies.
  • Optimized for MCAD, ECAD, and FEA applications such as SolidWorks, Creo, Cadence, Ansys, and more. 
  • Harnessing the power of the cloud to provide scalability and power.

And, if that isn’t enough, check out a small snapshot of vCAD use cases below.

1. vCAD Empowers Technical Hiring

Imagine a growing company faced with the challenge of hiring in a fast-paced environment. Traditionally hiring locally, the company finds itself expanding the search across the country for new talent. However, vCAD provides a solution to efficiently and effectively test candidates’ 3D CAD design skills. Through tailored Solidworks templates, candidates gain access to vCAD for the technical portion of the interview. Then, once the assessment is complete, vCAD workstations are gracefully discarded. vCAD is the perfect fit for modern technical hiring challenges.

2. Real-Time Design Collaboration with vCAD

One of vCAD’s standout features is its unique ability for multiple users to connect, view, and control vCAD workstations in real time. So, while screen-sharing solutions exist in the market, vCAD actually takes it a step further by offering:

  • Low-latency
  • High-performance connectivity 
  • And, it’s tailored to meet the demands of Solidworks 

This opens the door for real-time design collaboration among mechanical engineers, whether they’re collaborating across the room or across the globe.

vCAD updates vCAD 2024

3. vCAD Enables Apple Mac and iPad Devices

Traditionally, Solidworks is limited to running on Windows platforms, leaving Apple users in a bind. Additionally, alternatives like VMware Horizon or Citrix can be expensive and challenging to maintain. Moreover, with Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware, uncertainties about the product’s future arise. Here’s where vCAD is a game-changer. Fundamentally, it allows Apple users to seamlessly integrate without the need for a full-on VDI infrastructure. Plus, the redundancy of on-prem solutions can often add to costs exponentially. This makes vCAD a cost-effective and reliable solution for Apple users venturing into Solidworks.

Want To Learn More About vCAD?

If you’d like to learn more about vCAD, check out the top resources available:

And, of course, our expert vCAD team is always on hand to answer any of your questions too.

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