Solving CAD File Data Corruption By Looking Beyond the Obvious

One SPK client’s design engineering team was required to email CAD files to a technician to perform 3D printing. However, the CAD files were too large for regular email transmission.

The designers manually converted each CAD file into a ZIP format for sending in one email message, but this caused the data to contain errors, and it was time-consuming. This, in turn, demanded repeated resends of the files, forcing the design engineers to neglect higher-value innovation tasks.

The client then called in an SPK engineer, who interviewed the design engineers and the 3D printing technician. After some research, the engineer determined the corruption occurred when the CAD engineers performed the drag-and-drop file attachment tasks. The SPK engineer instructed the CAD engineers to use uses a workaround when preparing the email. This ended the data corruption — and the need to keep resending the CAD files, saving precious engineering time and expense for the client.

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