Migrating Safely And Securely To A Much Less Costly Cloud Center

One large client, given its size and varied business lines and information technology demands, relies on a variety of computing resources. For 12 years, it leveraged an SPK-managed private-cloud data center, based in San Jose. Over time, as happens with all data center assets, the existing hardware was approaching its end-of-life. The data center’s capabilities were diminishing and its performance slowing — just as the security risks and maintenance costs kept rising.

This client decided it was time to retire the San Jose data center and move to a public cloud model. This would reduce operational cost — while boosting performance and establishing an application platform that would grow, and support new business process needs into the future.

The SPK client needed to quickly and securely decommission the existing private data center and migrate its applications. Cost savings would be realized by using automatic data center management applications, and by expanding the number of people that could access the systems simultaneously.

The client’s IT team relied on SPK to manage the migration. Teams from both companies worked closely together to define the project needs and client corporate goals. To prevent information errors, SPK selected Microsoft Azure (along with appropriate tools) to ensure both centers leveraged the same data.

Now, for a fraction of the operational cost, the new Azure cloud instance will support current and future client needs.

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