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Exclusive Behind the Scenes at Atlassian Team ’24

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Written by Michael Roberts
Published on May 17, 2024
Categories: Atlassian | Cloud

Team ‘24 launched in Las Vegas on April 30th, marking a milestone amidst a year of remarkable growth for Atlassian.  With over 300,000 customers now in their fold, they’ve introduced several new products and enhancements. Examples include Compass, Jira Product Discovery, and Atlassian Intelligence.  In 2023, their expansion consisted of adding whiteboards to Confluence and acquiring Loom.  Catering to a diverse clientele, Atlassian has focused not just on efficiency, but on fostering effective collaboration. This is evident through their support for millions of users across 200 countries. 

Atlassian also shared solution partners, such as SPK and Associates, are an ever-important component of their ecosystem.  At Team ‘22, Atlassian announced solution partners were involved in 45% of Atlassian deals.  In 2023, that number rose to 62%, and in 2024 Atlassian announced it was 81%.  This displays the value solution partners provide, especially with the ever-expanding products available on the Atlassian platform.  While it was announced before Team ‘24 that Co-CEO Scott Farquhar would be stepping down at the end of August, he was still in attendance. He was present in many of the main stage sessions, including the ending keynote that included Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis from the popular Ted Lasso series on AppleTV.

atlassian team '24 atlassian updates

Atlassian Product Announcements from Team ‘24

Team ’24 kicked off with exciting announcements from new products to features that unleash the potential of every team.  See all the details of Atlassian Team ‘24 announcements here.  Let’s jump into a few of the key announcements.  

Atlassian Rovo 

Say hello to Atlassian’s newest product, and the next stage of human-AI collaboration.  Atlassian’s latest unveilings include Atlassian Rovo, leveraging generative AI to streamline knowledge discovery.

Rovo agents will have many different abilities. These include the ability to generate, review, and refine content for all types of communications, product specifications, goal setting, and product features.  Rovo agents can also support workflow management, knowledge sharing, team onboarding, and gratitude. Additionally, they can help stakeholders save time when ensuring content is formatted correctly in Jira backlogs or Confluence pages. We see Rovo as an expansion of Atlassian’s AI-related announcement last year, showing its commitment to the platform.  Atlassian announced over 30+ AI-powered features intended to enhance developer productivity and IT service delivery.  Rovo is not available to the public as of the time of posting, but you can add yourself to the waitlist here.

Jira For All

Jira Software and Jira Work Management are combined to create a unified tool for all teams.  Atlassian is combining Jira Work Management and Jira Software into a single tool known as Jira. Jira streamlines work planning and tracking across all teams.  This transition brings forth a unified Jira experience alongside innovative features aimed at enhancing team collaboration.

For current Jira Software subscribers, no action is required as they will automatically gain access to the new Jira experience without disruption to ongoing projects.  Pricing remains consistent with Jira Software, ensuring continuity for existing subscription plans.

However, for users on Jira Work Management plans, please note that these subscriptions stopped on May 1, 2024.  Existing JWM subscribers will retain access, albeit with minor branding adjustments, until their organization undergoes migration to the new Jira platform.  For further details on how these changes impact your organization and insights into the migration process, refer to this Atlassian FAQ.

Additionally, Atlas is integrating into the Atlassian platform and will be offered free of charge to all users. This includes access to new platform features like Goals, available through the Early Access Program on admin.atlassian.com. For additional information, please consult Atlassian’s Atlas FAQs.

Free Atlassian Training

All of Atlassian’s on-demand courses (many previously $39) are now completely free and available for enrollment.  Head to Atlassian’s learning paths page for free, flexible learning. These courses help you onboard, deliver better outcomes at work, and advance your career.  It’s the same learning you already lean on—now free, to let you learn and achieve more.

Thoughts on Atlassian Cloud (and Data Center) Products

Atlassian’s investment in their Cloud is paying off with their adoption numbers. Currently, they have over 300k paying Cloud customers and over 44k customers spending over $10,000 per year on Atlassian Cloud. However, on the show floor, our team met with many clients who were still on Data Center. These clients were concerned about the move to Cloud. Those who had no current plans to move identified reasons such as resourcing, budget, and compliance for this decision. 

While many companies are moving to Cloud, the handful of Data Center customers we spoke to are not finding the “AI additions to Cloud tools” as a compelling enough reason to move off of the on-premise Data Center versions of Atlassian’s tools.  At SPK, our team believes that this is laying the foundation for a potential “end of support” for Data Center. However, that may take 7-10 years.  According to the Cloud Roadmap, there are over 100 “Future” or “Coming soon” statutes for cloud features for various reasons. These reasons include administration, scale, performance, or compliance. Atlassian has a lot of work to do before anything happens to Data Center as their on-premise alternative.  Data Center product roadmap from Atlassian also displays their commitment to continuously enhancing the product, albeit at a slower rate than Cloud.

Many of SPK’s clients are already on the Cloud. This is either due to moving from Server or Data Center, or starting on Cloud as a new client. Due to this, our team thought it would be fun to pay homage to the Atlassian Server products. We had fun stickers and t-shirts, paying tribute to moving to the Cloud.

Today, there are around 2,500 Atlassian marketplace apps for Cloud.  Think about the comparison from 2022 when there were just around 1,000. This shows the ecosystem’s commitment to Cloud as well.  Atlassian also shared that over 4,000 marketplace apps are installed every day, meaning the ecosystem is an important part of the overall solution.

atlassian team '24 atlassian updates

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise & Atlassian Analytics

According to the Anaconda State of Data Science from 2021, businesses spend 40% of their time just preparing or cleaning data.  Atlassian is attempting to help solve this “prep” time issue by expanding their Cloud Enterprise, Data Lake, and Atlassian Analytics offerings.  

The Atlassian Data Lake fuels Atlassian Cloud data with your external data sources to meet in Atlassian Analytics. Analytics is only available with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise.  The ability to use natural language processing through generative AI, allows users to add charts with complex structures while not having to learn SQL.  In addition NLP creating charts, this new feature allows AI to conduct an analysis of the chart. Once this analysis is done, it suggests business actions to take.

In this session, Atlassian Analytics experts shared how customers can take advantage of the features built into the platform. Additionally, they stated how the features reduce the prep time for reporting.  That presentation displayed the concept of a Teamwork graph, which this AI article explains.

Atlassian Analytics customers are already generating a ton of insights including over 30k charts and 10k dashboards created. Of those dashboards, 58% were created from a template.

atlassian team '24 atlassian updates
atlassian team '24 atlassian updates

In this presentation, Atlassian also announced they are doubling the chart templates available in Atlassian Analytics.

The Next Era of Teamwork with Atlassian Intelligence

On May 6, 2024, Atlassian Intelligence features were automatically activated on all Cloud sites at no additional cost.  As of today, over 60,000 organizations have already started using Atlassian Intelligence to help their teams work smarter, get up to speed quicker, and make the right decisions using features that:

  • Draft and refine content in less time.
  • Provide immediate context through the page and issue summaries.
  • Create automation rules in minutes.
  • Simplify search for hard-to-find information using natural language processing instead of complex search queries.

Atlassian did emphasize that they understand customers have data security and privacy concerns.   In response, they indicated their dedication to building solutions in alignment with their responsible technology principles. Additionally, they will continue to follow their existing data security and privacy commitments.


Atlassian Team ’24 in Las Vegas stands as a testament to the company’s continued commitment to innovation and growth.  With more than 4,400 attendees and 66 countries represented this year, it is Atlassian’s flagship event. This annual event will move to Anaheim, CA in 2025.  With an ever-expanding customer base, Atlassian has introduced a plethora of new products and enhancements for solution providers like SPK and Associates to assist with our clients.  

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