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SPK vCAD’s Latest Enhancements for Q2 2024

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Written by Mike Solinap
Published on May 10, 2024

SPK’s vCAD continues to alter the engineering landscape with new additions to its wide range of virtual abilities. vCAD is a cloud-based engineering platform that allows users to design 3D components from anywhere. It easily integrates with popular applications such as SolidWorks, Creo, Cadence, Ansys, and more, enabling users to manage projects in a familiar setting. There are many benefits to using vCAD and this quarter, we are sharing a few exciting developments to vCAD’s endless versatility. Here are a few new ways vCAD can be utilized. 

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3DExperience Workloads in vCAD

The first unique way users employ vCAD is by running their Solidworks 3DExperience workloads on the virtual engineering platform. 3DExperience Solidworks is a suite of software tools integrating CAD, simulation, and data management into one platform. It aims to influence collaboration with its cloud-based nature. Although it can be used independently, incorporating it with vCAD has many advantages. 

Firstly, vCAD provides a controlled, contained environment for running 3DExperience workloads. This helps contractors, suppliers, and offshore staff immensely. This controlled environment allows them to design and collaborate from one space. Additionally, vCAD allows 3DExperience users to access and run other simulation or electrical tools. Users also gain access to a line of business applications when using vCAD. 

Furthermore, vCAD aids 3DExperience users through the use of machine backing. Due to its cloud infrastructure, high-performance workloads in 3DExperience Solidworks are typically backed by virtual machines or containers. Despite vCAD also being a virtual platform, it is backed by Nvidia GPUs. These graphics processing units have unique parallel processing capabilities. This additional element benefits 3DExperience users as GPUs offer a higher level of performance computing and graphics rendering they would not have otherwise.


How vCAD Brings Solidworks Electrical to the Cloud

In addition to helping Solidworks users with 3DExperience, vCAD is also bringing Solidworks Electrical into the cloud platform. Solidworks Electrical is a software tool for electrical design and documentation. Common uses include creating electrical schematics or wiring diagrams. A major issue for Solidworks Electrical users is if multiple engineers intend to work on the same project, it requires a collaboration server. This central server can be integrated with Solidworks Electrical. However, a distributed workforce can cause system and connectivity errors which can ultimately lead to corrupted projects. 

This issue is resolved with vCAD. When users run Solidworks Electrical on the vCAD platform, they can simultaneously work on projects. The virtual CAD platform allows users to work from anywhere, uninterrupted. Whether twenty engineers are working on one project or one engineer is working on twenty projects, vCAD eliminates errors, creating a better way to collaborate. 

solidworks electrical

Why You Should Implement vCAD

Used for Any Business Size

Although Solidworks integration has been the main topic of these updates, vCAD can be used in a multitude of ways to aid different platform users. For example, vCAD was designed to accelerate engineering for businesses of all sizes. Small or medium-sized businesses can benefit from ​​vCAD’s abilities which help CFD simulations run faster than a physical workstation. CFD simulations provide valuable insights and help engineers optimize designs. 

Work From Anywhere

In addition to vCAD’s elimination of a physical workstation, it allows Apple users to integrate Solidworks without the need for a VDI infrastructure. Virtual CAD is available with any operating system. MacOS users can utilize the software and even run it on an iPad. This revolutionary technology allows employees to design from anywhere. Virtual CAD is also a cost-effective solution for Apple users wanting to use Solidworks.

Test Skills Remotely

Another unique way vCAD can be utilized is for testing CAD designers’ skills. Instead of bringing a potential hire in to test their skills at a physical workstation, companies will ask a candidate to display their skills digitally. They are tested through Solidworks templates, and if they meet the criteria may be hired. If hired, vCAD simplifies the onboarding process. These new hires may work remotely, saving them a commute and allowing companies to hire outside of their area. 

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Increased Security

Remote work is not the only benefit of working from the cloud. It also enables increased security. Virtual CAD eliminates the risk of IP issues including theft. Businesses can happily employ people around the globe without fear of their IP address being compromised. If for any reason an employee does something that warrants elimination, employers can cut access to the software. There is no hassle of asking them to send back a laptop or waiting to remove a machine.

Computer System Validation

Speaking of “no hassle”, vCAD enables users to test and retest their software. In a use case from one of our customers, it was found that the software they were using did not allow some tests to run twice. This was because the first test required deletion, but the second time they ran the test, they could no longer delete it. This ended up breaking the computer. Unlike other online CAD programs, vCAD allowed these individuals to reset their test bed without IT’s help. This only took a couple of minutes. This is just another way vCAD removes unnecessary labor and saves time. 

Easily Collaborate 

All of these benefits are amazing, but the main reason your company should implement vCAD is because it is an easy-to-use, scalable tool that enables collaboration. The cloud infrastructure allows it to easily scale up or down, based on your organization’s needs. It saves energy and reduces costs. Additionally, vCAD improves team morale due to its collaborative nature. Overall, the tool is intuitive and improves the work environment. It is so simple it does not need training, but if you have any issues, SPK provides plenty of resources on mastering vCAD. Our experts are also available to answer questions if needed.

virtual cad vcad capabilities

Implementing vCAD

Virtual CAD provides a simple, affordable, and scalable solution for 3D CAD users. With its continuous updates, users are finding new ways to use vCAD to their advantage. From integration to portability, vCAD has endless benefits. Virtual CAD enables productivity, improved security protocols, reduced costs, and happier staff. If you want to learn how your organization can save time and money with vCAD’s capabilities, SPK has many blog posts, vlogs, and white papers dedicated to this topic. If you still have questions or want to implement vCAD for your organization, contact one of our experts today. 

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