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10-Point Checklist for Atlassian Server Migrations

Introduction As applications, such as Jira, become more mainstream for Enterprises, it was inevitable that Atlassian and others would create their own service (SaaS) that provides numerous benefits to users across the globe.  The benefits of having a SaaS...

Three Trends Are Transforming The Service Desk

Your IT service desk is about to change. Find out what's shaping the future. Three factors — enterprise service management (ESM), collaboration, and intelligent service management — are driving the transformation of the service desk. To better meet customers’ needs...
How To Leverage Jira as a Service Desk

How To Leverage Jira as a Service Desk

Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with using Jira as an issue tracker. But for those of you who have been juggling issue tracking and meeting SLA requirements -- and for those of you who had the recently acquired VertygoSLA addon -- this article may be useful...