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Atlassian Cloud vs Data Center: The feature guides for Atlassian products

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Written by Michael Roberts
Published on December 8, 2023

Atlassian Data Center vs Cloud – it’s a question you should be considering right now.  Change is coming thick and fast for Atlassian Server customers. With End of Life (EOL) approaching for many server products, it’s time to act quickly. Unless you move to Data Center or Cloud, you are going to miss out on some of the best new features Atlassian releases. And, you’ll no longer receive the latest security patches. But, don’t worry – if you are on any of the Atlassian Server products, we’re here to help. We’ve been collating helpful guides over the past few months to help you make a decision on your next move. 

The Ultimate Atlassian Cloud vs Data Center Comparison List

Bitbucket Cloud vs Data Center

Understanding the distinctions between Bitbucket Cloud and Data Center means looking at factors like deployment options, compliance, and security. Given the changing software landscape and the upcoming end of life for Bitbucket Server in February 2024, it’s essential to make a decision. Do you stick with an unsupported Server, ensure that Data Center is suitable for your business’s future changes, or make the leap to Cloud solutions? In our blog post earlier this year, we highlighted:

  • The EOL timings.
  • The main differences between Bitbucket Cloud vs Data Center.
  • What you need to consider if you’re migrating away from Windows hosting.

Confluence Cloud vs Data Center

Come February 2024, Atlassian is discontinuing Confluence Server. Now, you’ve got two paths ahead: Confluence Cloud or Data Center. Choosing one will shape the future workflow and efficiency of your company. While both options have their advantages, Confluence Cloud is gaining popularity as a more convenient choice for a broader range of businesses. It offers swift deployment, scalability, and lightens the load on your IT resources. Moreover, with its automatic updates and access to the latest features, it can trim down costs and enhance your company’s growth and scalability.

You can check out our full comparison guide of Confluence Cloud vs Data Center in this blog post.

Confluence cloud vs data center

Jira Service Management Cloud vs Data Center

Change is a constant in our industry, especially with the advent of cloud services. As Jira Service Management (JSM) Data Center nears its end of life in February 2024, it’s crucial to get ready. Failing to do so could jeopardize a smooth transition, putting your operational efficiency and support at risk. If you haven’t started preparing for what comes after February, now is the time to take action.

Our blog post published in August 2023 provides a one-stop-shop to guide you through the comparison of JSM Data Center and JSM Cloud. Plus there’s a handy interactive quiz to make it even easier to make a decision.

Jira Software Cloud vs Data Center

Jira Server is reaching its end of life in February 2024, aligning with Atlassian’s strategic shift towards cloud-based solutions. The benefits of Cloud, such as enhanced scalability, accessibility, and continuous feature improvements, contribute to an upgraded and future-proof project management experience in Jira Cloud. In essence, transitioning to Jira Cloud ensures long-term support, access to the latest features, and a more scalable solution as your business evolves.

Need Support Moving From Atlassian EOL Server?

Our team is here to help. SPK is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner with a wealth of experience in Server, Data Center and Cloud instances (and migrations!). If you want to migrate smoothly and with expert support, contact our team here.


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