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How SolidWorks Sandbox Vault Boosts PDM Productivity

SolidWorks Sandbox
Written by Daniela Alcantar
Published on October 13, 2023

Hi everyone, I am Daniela, the SolidWorks PDM SME for SPK and Associates. Today, I’ll be showing you the SolidWorks sandbox vault (also known as the QA vault). I’ll show you the many benefits of having a separate testing environment and how it can enhance your PDM experience.

You can watch the video as Daniela walks through the step-by-step tutorial. Alternatively, follow the steps from the transcript below.

Introduction To Working With The SolidWorks Sandbox Vault

Managing your SolidWorks PDM system efficiently requires a structured approach. So, having a Sandbox or Quality Assurance (QA) Vault is a no-brainer. Here’s how a QA Sandbox can help.

SolidWorks Sandbox Vault Helps You Test Modifications Safely

Firstly, having a sandbox or a QA vault is essentially having a copy of your production Vault. Essentially, this separation allows you to test modifications, changes, and edits without risking your live system. So, whether you’re overhauling your workflow or adjusting permissions, a testing environment like this is the ideal place to experiment.

The QA Vault Ensures Smooth SolidWorks PDM Upgrades

Secondly, a Sandbox or QA Vault is especially useful when it comes to testing SolidWorks PDM upgrades. If you have custom tools or add-ins, you can verify their compatibility with the new PDM version. Basically, this environment allows you to update your Vault and check if your customizations work seamlessly, providing peace of mind.

It Helps With Training and User Familiarization Needs

One of the most valuable uses of a Sandbox or QA Vault is for training purposes. Why? Because it allows users to get a hands-on feel of the Vault without risking any changes in the production environment. That means users can safely:

  • Practice check-in and checkout steps.
  • Explore permissions.
  • Learn how to locate files.

You Can Streamline Troubleshooting In The QA Vault

Next, for PDM administrators, a Sandbox or QA Vault is a troubleshooting savior. If an issue arises in the production system, and the files are locked down or released, replicating the problem can be challenging. But, with a copy of the production environment, you can make troubleshooting more efficient:

  • Search for the specific file set.
  • Replicate the issue.
  • Resolve it outside of production. 

SolidWorks Sandbox Vault Supports Development Work

Your Sandbox or QA Vault can serve as a repository for development work. For example, if your production Vault is set up to house files ready for release, engineers or designers may want to experiment with new files or vendor data. So, the Sandbox Vault is the perfect environment for this purpose. It allows you to work in a setup similar to production without making actual changes to your live Vault.

Get Started With SolidWorks Sandbox Vault

Incorporating a Sandbox or QA Vault into your SolidWorks PDM workflow can significantly enhance your system’s management and maintenance. Whether for testing, training, troubleshooting, or development, this separate environment offers numerous advantages. Ultimately, it contributes to a smoother and more efficient PDM experience.

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