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Maximizing Email Deliverability via Gmail/Google Workspace

Written by Mike Solinap
Published on October 6, 2023

Despite new communications tools and apps popping up daily, email remains a key communication channel for businesses. And, there are plenty of email networks to choose from. For example, Google Workspace (Gmail and G Suite), Microsoft, MailChimp, and more. However, email does come with challenges at times. One of these challenges is email deliverability. So, as a trusted managed services provider, we support our clients to maximize their email deliverability. That’s why, in this blog, we’re focusing on the intricacies of Google Workspace Email Deliverability. We’ll offer best practices, address challenges, and present tools to enhance your email’s journey to the designated inbox.

Gmail and Google Workspace Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the measure of an email’s ability to land in the recipient’s inbox without bouncing or being classified as spam. When leveraging Google Workspace, the aim is to ensure messages dispatched via the platform have optimal deliverability rates. Ultimately this leads to more successful interactions with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

email deliverability
google workspace email

Gmail and Google Workspace Email Deliverability Best Practices

Google Workspace provides a breadth of features to enhance email deliverability. Below, we have listed a few best practices to help you optimize your email outreach:

  • Authenticate Your Domain: Ensure you’ve set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. These authenticate your domain, minimizing the risk of being flagged as spam.
  • Monitor Sender Reputation: A great reputation translates to better deliverability. Consistently assess your email sending practices, ensuring they’re in line with best practices.
  • Engage Your Audience: Encourage active interactions – be it opening, clicking, or responding. Robust engagement sends positive signals to email providers, emphasizing the importance and relevance of your content.
  • Segment Your Audience: Craft content that resonates with recipient preferences. Personalized emails see less spam marking and greater engagement.

Steer Clear of Spam Traps: Regularly cleanse your email list to rid it of outdated or inactive addresses which could be potential spam traps, negatively influencing your deliverability.

email deliverability
google workspace email

Navigating Deliverability Challenges

Now, what if you’ve followed the email deliverability best practices but you’re still faced with issues? Here’s a couple of email deliverability health checks you can take: 

  • Emails Landing in Spam: If this is a recurring issue, reassess your content and sender reputation. Abstain from using excessive images, spammy wording, or deceptive subject lines.
  • Elevated Bounce Rates: This often indicates the presence of outdated or invalid addresses within your email list. Regular cleaning, coupled with removing bounced addresses, can significantly enhance deliverability.

The Tools You Need To Improve Your Deliverability

Google Workspace is replete with tools to assist in maximizing deliverability. For example:

  • Email Log Search: This enables monitoring of email delivery logs, spotlighting any prevalent issues or patterns.
  • Email Headers: Headers provide insights into authentication and routing details, invaluable for troubleshooting.
  • Postmaster Tools: An extension of Google Workspace, Postmaster Tools offers invaluable insights on metrics related to email delivery and sender reputation.

Staying Ahead of Email Trends

Gmail and Google Workspace continuously refine their platform. To maintain high deliverability rates:

  • Stay Updated: Regularly familiarize yourself with evolving technologies and features.
  • Understand Filters: Recognizing how message filters operate can help in crafting content that seamlessly traverses these barriers.
  • Embrace AI & Machine Learning: Platforms like Gmail harness Artificial Intelligence and user feedback to refine their spam filters. Understand these mechanics to ensure your emails align with these evolving standards.

Need Support To Improve Your Email Deliverability?

As an experienced MSP, SPK and Associates can support you to identify the root cause of your email deliverability issues and optimize your email practices. 

If you need support to improve your email deliverability in your business, or to better reach your mailing list contact our team for help.


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