Internet of Things (IoT)

How is your Internet of Things strategy really working?

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Develop new IoT revenue streams. Don’t miss the opportunities. We’re already here helping our customers transform themselves into nimble IoT competitors.

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New opportunities are constantly opening for IoT-enabled manufacturing, medical technology, and automotive solutions (to name just three fields). We offer extensive experience and deep insights across multiple verticals.

Keep compliant and secure

Even as your products/solutions see IoT transformation, they must still remain compliant to government/industry regulations. We can anticipate the regulatory and security risks and help you proactively prepare for them.

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IoT Summary

By 2020, the IoT market will be worth an estimated $300 billion: But if you don’t have a technical-business strategy to exploit this vast opportunity now, you may never be able to execute in time to exploit your advantages.

Any lost IoT opportunities will particularly hurt the long-term growth and profitability of manufacturing companies. They will lose potential profits and, possibly, existing market share to those competitors that aggressively and strategically move into the IoT market.

SPK’s years of experience in engineering and our insights into IoT can help you find your path. Intelligent devices/machines/assets need associated business modeling and system designs. They also can require cloud-enabled data harvesting, processing, storage, and analytics.

Are you ready to move your products (and mindset) into the exciting, risky, and ever-changing IoT world? SPK is here to move you into the present and towards the future of IoT-enablement.



Innovating the right IoT solutions to transform your business.


Pulling together hardware/software/data and other experts to create IoT success.


Ensure your IoT-enabled platforms are stable, compliant, and secure.


Harvest, store and transform operational/transactional IoT data for analysis, machine learning, and more.
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