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Top Takeaways from SolidWorks 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024

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Written by Edwin Chung
Published on March 1, 2024

The 3DExperience (3DX) World 2024 displayed the convergence of innovative technologies and creative ideas in design and engineering. Hosted by Dassault Systèmes, it is an epicenter for SolidWorks users, third-party app suppliers, gold partners, and major workstation vendors. Additionally, the bustling show floor, aptly named the “Playground,” hosts a mix of industry veterans and newcomers showcasing their latest offerings. Among the attendees were Luis Ruiz and Daniela Alcanter from SPK, experts in SolidWorks and SolidWorks PDM. Below are some of their key highlights and insights from the event.

Insights and Highlights from 3DExperience World 2024

Key Highlights

  1. Onshape’s Rise: Onshape, a SolidWorks competitor operating entirely on the cloud, had a presence at the event. The tool’s similarity to SolidWorks, coupled with its increased presence in the educational market, positions it as a strong alternative. Notably, institutions can access licensing for Oneshape at no cost.
  2. Successful Migrations: The event showcased the first successful migrations from SolidWorks PDM to the 3DExperience Platform. Hawkridge led the way, and there’s an interesting migration tool anticipated sometime after June 2024. Currently, the process for migrating information from a PDM repository is project-by-project.
  3. SolidWorks Advancements: SolidWorks continues to push boundaries in large-scale project support. Notably, users can now open files with over 80,000 parts. Ultimately, this showcases the platform’s commitment to facilitating complex projects.
    3DExperience World<br />
3DX platform

    3DX Platform in Action

    The 3DX Platform took center stage, providing users access to SolidWorks products without the need for traditional server infrastructure. Furthermore, it:

    • Serves as a holistic solution for product development.
    • Allows users to harness various SolidWorks products, including Simulation, connectors for Creo, Cadence, and more. 


    The 3DExperience Playground featured numerous products designed using the platform, with the Qargos electric cargo scooter being a standout example

    Limitations and Advantages of the Platform

    While the 3DExperience Platform offers a breadth of advantages, there are some limitations:

    • Simultaneous Editing: Unlike some counterparts, users may not work on the same SolidWorks instance simultaneously, a functionality available in solutions like vCAD.
    • Role-Based Access: Access to SolidWorks apps is controlled by roles rather than floating licenses. While this provides structured access, some users may find it less flexible than floating licenses.
    • Simplified Sharing: Users can share markups and model links without granting access to a PDM vault, streamlining collaboration.
    • Data Management: The platform offers data management without server infrastructure, but it’s reported to be less configurable than counterparts like PDM Professional and PDM Standard.
    3DExperience World 3DX platform
    3DExperience World 3DX platform

    The Glüxkind AI stroller (pictured above on the left) was developed using the 3DExperience platform while Hacksmith’s Power Loader (pictured above on the right) was developed with Solidworks and Solidworks CAM. 

    SolidWorks 3DExperience World Is A Hub for Innovation

    From startup enthusiasts to seasoned industry players, the event provided a snapshot into the short-term future and how SolidWorks is helping to support design evolution. 

    If your organization is looking for support to develop cutting-edge designs, contact our team for support. We’re SolidWorks experts and engineers ready to accelerate your product to market.


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