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Three Key Reasons To Work With An AWS Managed Services Partner

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Written by Mike Solinap
Published on February 24, 2023
Categories: AWS | Cloud | Cybersecurity | vCAD

The cloud is still in its infancy, yet has already evolved at an extraordinary rate, leaving some organizations feeling like they missed the boat, or that they need to play catch-up. But, this isn’t true. An AWS Managed Services Partner can ease your cloud transition, no matter where you are on your journey.  Read on to discover how an AWS Managed Services Partner can enable you to realize both immediate and long-term benefits in your business.

The Modern Challenge And The AWS MSP

Juggling the provisioning, monitoring, security and other operational aspects of your architecture and infrastructure can be a fine balancing act. For small and medium businesses, it may be challenging to find the right expertise, particularly for a large endeavor like cloud services. Alternatively, SMEs may have a few people wearing many job hats. 

For larger enterprises, infrastructure can be delicately intertwined with legacy complexities that delay cloud adoption and/or benefits realization. Yet cloud services are proven to provide scalability, agility and efficiency in businesses. 

So how do more businesses, regardless of size, capitalize on the cloud?

Working with an AWS Managed Services Partner will be the best decision your business makes this year. Here’s why. No one knows your organization and its objectives like your employees. You are specialists at what you do. The same is true with MSPs. They’re specialized in understanding the architecture, infrastructure and cloud services that can enable you to achieve your objectives. And they are specialized in overcoming the infrastructure, architecture and cloud-adoption barriers preventing your business from that stride to success.

What Does An AWS Managed Services Partner Do?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Services Partner (MSP) is so much more than just a reseller of AWS products. Sure, some MSPs, like ourselves at SPK, can resell AWS. But, our AWS MSP services reach much farther. In fact we also provide deep expertise, operational support, optimization opportunities and more beyond the ‘resell’. 

An AWS Managed Service Partner has a proven track record and experience of providing end-to-end AWS solutions to customers at any stage of the cloud journey. This could include:

  • Planning and design.
  • Building and migration.
  • Operations and support.
  • Automation and optimization.

Additionally, AWS has validated that the MSP is comprehensively capable of delivering all of the above. Essentially, an AWS MSP, like our team at SPK, has deep expertise in AWS services and benefits and delivers them to your business.


Three Key Reasons To Partner With An AWS MSP

1. Partner For Success

Partnering with an AWS Managed Services Partner is the key to realizing cloud’s full potential and accelerating your business.

Just imagine:

  • How much more effective would your business be without having to juggle your day-to-day infrastructure, architecture and/or cloud services, plus the daily operations?
  • How great it would be to beat the market competition and do so with a smooth platform that everyone (anywhere!) can collaborate on, and loves to use?
  • How much more enjoyable would work be with an infinite resource of creativity at your fingertips?
  • How much more cost-effectively could you run your business if you had the right expertise and know-how to prevent pitfalls?

With a trusted MSP, those answers become a reality. You will uncover both immediate and long–term business benefits. It’s a strategic and tactical power-play wrapped up into one business, supporting you to achieve more. 

When you partner with an MSP, you have a common goal: Your success. It’s in an MSP’s best interest to keep your business in acceleration mode. Working with an MSP prevents the interruptions that slow your business vision down. They make you more efficient. By outsourcing the technical load, your creative minds are free to create.

2. Expertise With Ease

Wherever you are in your cloud strategy and cloud journey, an AWS Managed Services Partner can help you optimize your environment. Additionally, as challenges arise, they are on hand for remediation and issue response. And, where technical conversations with platform providers arise, they take care of those efficiently for you. An MSP, like SPK, partner with AWS, so they have a direct link to even more experts to overcome barriers, improve integrations, or optimize your environment as needed. As AWS environments can be challenging to use, partnering with an MSP removes the entry barrier for businesses lacking internal expertise, and eases the transition to cloud adoption.

And, your expert Managed Services Provider enables 24/7 performance monitoring and management of the entire AWS environment, including:

  • Infrastructure automation.
  • Infrastructure deployment.
  • Automated backups.
  • Road mapping.
  • Account configuration
  • Maintenance, including updates and patches.

3. A Supported Cloud Strategy

Partnering with an AWS Managed Services Partner creates clarity in your cloud strategy. You receive more support to implement and embed your strategy well. Furthermore, they will help you navigate:

1. Cost optimization 

An expert AWS Managed Services Provider will provide cost-effective solutions. And, help overcome misconceptions about cloud cost optimization. For example, at SPK, we invented and pioneered virtual CAD (vCAD). This is a 100% completely legal way to create cost savings on cloud services. That’s just one of the many ways we can create cost optimization on your cloud services.

2. Security 

With an AWS MSP you can trust your AWS environment and data is secure. Under the Shared Responsibility Model agreement with any cloud provider, organizations must adopt certain security measures. Additionally, cloud services are ‘always-on’ to ensure an uninterruptible service for you and your customers. This means your AWS cybersecurity strategy also needs to be always on. Your MSP can do this for you with their tried and tested robust security measures.

3. Best Practices

When you’re starting anything new, there’s always a learning curve. But the business vision or that next product to market won’t wait for you to learn the ropes at your own pace. With an AWS MSP, you can get up to speed – fast. They’re experts in architecture, and like ourselves at SPK, can provide intensive training programs with our cloud experts. So, you can realize those cloud benefits – faster. And, when a new learning opportunity arises, your MSP is just a phone call away to solve the next challenge for you.

4. Cloud architecture design

Whether you are looking to implement a full cloud strategy, or you are embarking on a journey of the hybrid cloud, an AWS MSP can smooth that stride. 

Your MSP will help you to define and execute your cloud strategy. Whether that’s cloud-first, or hybrid-cloud. Additionally, they’ll help you identify the appropriate services, tools, and processes you need. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) development, machine learning, database migration, application deployment, dynamically scaling infrastructure, optimizing workstreams, removing bottlenecks in compute performance, enhancing virtualization environments and more.

5. Migrations and integrations

An AWS MSP should have proven experience and a track record of successful deliveries. If they can’t provide you with evidence, steer clear. Cloud is a new horizon, yet it is complex. A solid AWS MSP will have cloud experts, trusted and validated cloud services partnerships and a portfolio of cloud-first, hybrid-cloud and legacy architecture and infrastructure migrations, and integrations.


AWS is an advanced cloud services platform that provides your business with unlimited potential to scale, flex, and drive agility and efficiency. But, it can also require expert consultancy to realize those benefits. The cloud is still in its infancy. Yet, it has already evolved at an extraordinary rate, leaving some organizations feeling like they missed the boat. But, this isn’t true. An AWS Managed Services Partner can ease your cloud transition. No matter where you are on your journey. Partnering with an AWS MSP should be a trusted relationship, where your success is their success. 

Transform your business and transition to cloud with our expert Managed Services Provider team at SPK. We’re already partnered with some of the biggest organizations globally, and we’re also an AWS partner….so you can trust your services are in safe hands. 

Leverage AWS more efficiently, contact us here for a no-obligation discussion.


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