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SPK Develops Dashboard for E*Trade’s Electric Commander

Published by Mike Solinap
on March 17, 2016

Why are dashboards important? In a nutshell, they allow you to visually present information in a way that is meaningful to the reader. They allow the reader to immediately see trends, and more importantly, quickly make decisions or change behavior in order get better results.

At SPK, we’re big believers in dashboards in the software lifecycle. We’ve partnered with Electric Cloud for years to provide custom dashboards for Electric Commander customers. Recently, SPK developed a dashboard for E*Trade’s Electric Commander environment. This dashboard allows users to:

  • Select and launch deployment workflows
  • Show progress of deployment graphically
  • In the event of failure, show rollback process

As E*Trade is large financial institution in a highly regulated industry, they must operate conservatively and carefully. Before Electric Commander and this dashboard, E*Trade worked with an entrenched homegrown build system. SPK’s dashboard mimicked the old system enough to ease adoption and get people on board with Electric Commander. Instead of making people learn a new system, the dashboard let the new system present information in a familiar format. This helped ease the transition to the new build system.

Manuel Edwards, systems engineering manager for E*Trade, spoke at Electric Trade’s recent DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15) on “How Wall Street Does Continuous Delivery”. Below you’ll find a video of his presentation.

Contact us at SPK if you have interest in a custom dashboard for your Electric Commander environment.

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