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Making the Move from Cherwell to Jira Service Management

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Written by Michael Roberts
Published on May 10, 2024

The landscape of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools is evolving, and with the end-of-life announcement for Cherwell, many organizations are contemplating their next steps. If you’re in this position, this blog is for you. Jira Service Management emerges as a compelling option, offering a modern, user-friendly platform that bridges the gap between IT, development, and business teams. This transition not only signifies a change in tools but a strategic move towards more agile, collaborative, and cost-effective service management practices.

cherwell to jira integration Jira service management

Why Transition to Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management stands out for its comprehensive approach to ITSM, providing a seamless experience for all teams involved. With Cherwell’s phase-out and Ivanti’s challenges with cloud innovation and product complexity, Jira Service Management offers a fresh perspective. JSM is built for today’s fast-paced digital environment. Here are key considerations that make Jira Service Management an attractive choice. Let’s go through some of the reasons for this.

Unified Platform

Break down silos by bringing development, IT, and business teams onto one platform, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows. You can use JSM for ITSM, but also for other service desks, such as Marketing, HR, Legal, and more.

cherwell to jira integration Jira service management

Modern, Efficient Approach

Avoid feature bloat with a system that focuses on what teams truly need, ensuring a higher return on investment with JSM.

cherwell to jira integration Jira service management

User-Friendly Interface

Benefit from an intuitive, low-code editor and drag-and-drop functionality that simplifies service desk management. This includes templated automations which can help scale your ability to support users.

cherwell to jira integration Jira service management

Quick Deployment

Leverage a robust library of templates and guides for rapid setup without the need for expensive consultancy.


Expand your service management capabilities without additional costs, thanks to a federated data model that aligns team workflows while allowing for autonomy. The Forrester Wave™ for Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2023 named Atlassian a Leader in the category, giving the highest possible score in the Strategy category for vision, roadmap, and innovation.


Adapt easily to changing needs with customizable workflows, avoiding the pitfalls of rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Cherwell Transition – A Strategy for Success

Moving from Cherwell to Jira Service Management is not just a technical migration; it’s a strategic upgrade that can significantly impact how your organization delivers services. Here’s a pathway to ensure a smooth transition.

Assessment and Planning

Evaluate your current ITSM processes and identify what’s working well and what could be improved. This will help tailor the migration to meet your specific needs.

Data Migration

Plan the migration of your data from Cherwell to Jira Service Management. Given the differences in architecture, it’s crucial to ensure data integrity and minimal disruption during the transition.

Training and Adoption

Invest in training for your teams to get up to speed with Jira Service Management’s features and functionalities. A focus on change management can facilitate a smoother transition and faster adoption.

Integration and Customization

Leverage the flexibility of Jira Service Management to integrate with existing tools and customize workflows that match your operational requirements.

Continuous Improvement

Post-migration, continuously gather feedback and use it to refine and enhance your ITSM processes within Jira Service Management.

Ivanti Cherwell vs. Jira Service Management Comparison Chart

Ready to Migrate from Cherwell to JSM?

Cherwell is being discontinued. In order to avoid the complexity of Ivanti and other legacy systems, you should switch to Jira Service Management. Get more value for your money with the leading ITSM solution in the market. JSM offers a lean approach to ITSM that unites dev and IT, scales without breaking the bank, and makes it easy to extend service management across the enterprise.  Contact SPK today and learn how JSM is your path to success from Cherwell.

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