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How AWS Became the Favorite of Engineering

Written by Mike Solinap
Published on August 6, 2018

AWS, with its commanding market share in the world of cloud, relies heavily on engineering organizations for its success. We’ve explored the reasons for this in previous articles. What it boils down to is that Amazon’s cloud platform is more geared toward the way engineers think and work.

The Limitations of Amazon Web Services

However, AWS is not without its limitations, even for engineers. For example, the GUI has no consistency across applications and tools. This is significant because it interacts with another feature of AWS — the sheer number of tools and applications engineers can use right out of the box.

AWS and Option Paralysis

In fact, there are so many products for AWS that it can be difficult for organizations to choose. Clearly, having a wide array of products to choose from isn’t a bad thing per se. But choosing the right ones and, perhaps more importantly, avoiding redundancies between products, is an important consideration when using AWS.

You shouldn’t be paralyzed by the number of options. However, you should know exactly how a new AWS application is saving your engineers time and your organization money. Otherwise, you’re needlessly complicating the daily lives of your engineers. That’s the opposite of why engineering organizations want to leverage AWS.

Next time we will talk about the relationship between Azure and IT. Read our entire series on the tensions between AWS and Azure.

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