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Atlassian Updates 2023

Written by Michael Roberts
Published on August 18, 2023
Categories: Atlassian | DevOps

Atlassian Product Updates from the Summer of 2023

During the summer of 2023, Atlassian has been hard at work updating and enhancing their product offerings. With a relentless commitment to innovation, they have rolled out a series of updates that many may have missed. So we’re here to cover the important ones in one blog post for you. From new features and integrations to improved performance and security enhancements, Atlassian has raised the bar for productivity and efficiency in the tech industry. So, let’s dive into a summary of the exciting developments they’ve brought to the table in the past few months.

Atlassian named Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for DevOps

For the first time in its history, Atlassian’s solutions has been named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Atlassian’s placement as a leader in the DevOps Platform Magic Quadrant validates the tools Atlassian has provided over its roughly 15 years in business. In that time, they have created solutions that are foundational for many enterprises when it comes to creating and deploying digital solutions. Atlassian has been investing significantly in the DevOps space over the last several years. This report shows Atlassian’s products can help enterprises architect modern, robust, and effective DevOps solutions. With the end of support of Server products, Atlassian is full speed in on the Atlassian cloud solutions. This includes newer products like Compass and Jira Product Discovery, which are available exclusively in Atlassian Cloud.  

Gartner specifically acknowledged in their report: “Atlassian is a good fit for organizations looking for a DevOps platform with service management and incident response automation capabilities.” As a quick recap,, Atlassian’s Jira Service Management can be fully integrated into Jira Software. This connects Dev and IT teams to:

  • Deliver value to their customers faster.
  • Resolve issues in less time.
  • Create an open feedback loop between customers, operations, and development teams.  

You can download the report from Gartner here.

Atlassian Server End of Support

The February 2024 date is looming for many Server clients. So, the migration to Data Center or Cloud solutions from Atlassian should be well underway. Recently, Atlassian published a very detailed post in the community. And this covers many areas of concern for clients looking to migrate to the cloud. This update covers:

  • Important updates related to BYOK, CCPA, Cloud app alternatives.
  • Increase to user limits on Confluence and JSM, and much more.

If you’re still on Server products today, let’s provide some resources that may help you get to the right solution. Firstly, SPK conducted a webinar last year, discussing Atlassian Cloud and Data Center and which one may be right for you. This webinar is a must review for anyone considering on-premise solutions for Atlassian.

Help With Atlassian Updates 2023 

Next, you should also review our total cost of ownership blog post. This talks about the SaaS solution of Atlassian Cloud and the features and benefits involved in that solution. Essentially, you will no longer need to maintain servers, operate and manage them, and so on. Instead, with Atlassian Cloud, it’s built into the price for each license. So it’s not a direct comparison between cloud and data center.

If you’ve decided on the Atlassian Cloud solutions, then you should definitely check out our interactive blog post quiz. This will help you determine which Atlassian Cloud plan is right for you.

Atlassian Update 2023: Agile & DevOps Product Roadmap Coming

Atlassian is set to release its Agile & DevOps Product Roadmap to Atlassian Partners, like SPK, starting in September. That means our team will be aligned to provide the right recommendations and suggestions as it pertains to architecting the right solution for clients.  

Atlassian aims to release a roadmap with insights on submarkets and new products and solutions. We’ll cover this more in Q4, so stay tuned. 

Updates to Jira and ADO Connectors

Atlassian announced improvements to the Jira and Azure DevOps (ADO) connectors. These latest enhancements will help:

  • Reduce manual integration efforts.
  • Improve reporting accuracy.
  • Establish collective team understanding.
  • Alleviate tool sprawl frustrations. 

While many companies only select Jira OR ADO, there are many companies that have complex requirements and both tools are being used by different teams. When this happens, integrations are always best. Additionally, Atlassian has invested to address the previously identified issues.

Furthermore, a recent research survey conducted for Enterprise Agility amongst Atlassian’s installed base and partners revealed a key driver for Jira Align purchases was strong integration with Jira Software. Jira Software, and Jira Software competitive tools, track the lowest level of work decomposition, and the connector enables Jira Align to become a consolidated, source-of-truth for work. Additionally, participants shared when the connector was incorrectly set up, Jira Align wasn’t useful, stalling adoption. The updated improvements are included in the 10.121.0 feature release.

Jira Software and JSM Data Center Long Term Support

Continuing on Atlassian’s theme of the end of support for Server products, Atlassian is also making changes to Jira Software and JSM Data Center. Announced in mid-June, this blog post outlines several changes and release dates.

Jira Software 9.12 and Jira Service Management 5.12 will release in the final quarter of calendar year 2023, featuring many new advantages for admins and end users alike. Jira Software 9.12 and Jira Service Management 5.12 include the security and performance benefits you’ve come to expect with LTS releases. They also include powerful features that will increase the efficiency and productivity of admins and end-users alike. Discover the array of new features available to you with your LTS upgrade. The below is not a comprehensive list of all features included in the upcoming LTS but a sneak peek of some exciting admin and user productivity gains.”


These updates from Atlassian updates 2023 provide insight into their investment (and awards for that investment) into the Cloud solutions. It solidifies their migration from Server products. With their relentless dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for teams, Atlassian has once again reaffirmed its position. It is a trailblazer in the Agile and DevOps realm. From empowering remote work to streamlining project management, they are innovators.

Atlassian’s features and enhancements have set new standards for productivity and efficiency. So, moving forward, it is evident that Atlassian’s commitment to continuous improvement will continue to drive positive changes in the tech industry. So, whether you’re a seasoned Atlassian user or just starting your journey with their products, SPK can help.

Ready to Get The Best Out Of Atlassian?

SPK and Associates is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, and we can support you through your journey.  

Contact our team to learn more about Atlassian solutions for licensing, implementation, and modernization efforts.

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