Accelerating Product Releases with Business Process Automation

How often have we entered the same information into two different systems and wondered, “Why do I have to waste my time doing this?”  These are computers, aren’t they?  Shouldn’t this information flow where it needs to go?  Well, yes, it should — this is accomplished with business process automation.

The discipline of product development is no different and suffers from the same difficulties. The various engineering areas (MCAD, Software, quality management, etc.) have their own applications and systems that help manage that specific area’s workflow and data.  No single application can effectively do it all or meet the needs of all the product development disciplines.

Yet some of the information in MCAD needs to be provided to software development.  Or some of the information in PDM needs to be provided to the QMS (Qualify Management System), and vice versa.  So, we are left with the challenge of getting certain pieces of information into various applications.

The easy answer is to manually re-enter, copy and paste the information into the multiple systems.  There are 3 problems with this method:  it takes extra time, it introduces errors, it is tedious.  The better answer is to create an automation that moves or copies the pertinent information into multiple applications or data stores.

But creating automations is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires knowledge of the processes, the data, and the applications.  At SPK, we love creating business process automations, especially in engineering.  We recently created a reusable automation called MasterManager™, which links data between SolidWorks PDM™  and MasterControl™.  We’re sure it will be useful to other teams that use both these applications, so we wrote up a success story describing the use case and this new automation tool.  

If you are interested in learning more about MasterManager, or need other business process automation, contact us or email us at

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