Application Lifecycle Management Learn More Applications don’t just have to work, they have to work together.
How can our Application Lifecycle Management Services help you?
Best-in-class tools.

We leverage IBM’s Rational suite and PTC Integrity for optimum results.

Custom solutions.

SPK knows that one size never fits all, so we customize an ALM model for every client.

Full-service solutions.

From build and release to test management, we handle everything with your application lifecycle.



Creating digital solutions to accelerate your engineers’ design and development.


Increasing R&D collaboration for higher productivity and morale.


Integrating your applications and infrastructure for optimum efficiency and performance.


Creating a competitive advantage by unlocking insights out of your engineering data.

Application Lifecycle Management Summary

Every year, business spends a pretty penny on application lifecycle management. The results are often lackluster. Companies still must manually micromanage coordination and integration. That kills engineer productivity and morale, leading to longer turnaround times and your best talent looking for greener pastures.

At SPK, we’re experienced with best-in-class solutions like IBM’s Rational suite and PTC Integrity. That allows us to do the heavy lifting with your application lifecycle management, coordination and integration. We optimize ALM for robust solutions, allowing your ALM to facilitate your organization’s growth, not bogging you down in the weeds.

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