CAD & PDM Application support is a headache —
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How can our CAD/PDM Application Management services help you?
There’s no substitute for experience:

We have been managing engineering applications for small and large teams for 20 years.

We handle many different engineering applications:

From Simulation to multi-vendor CAD to PDM/PLM to Software build/release apps, we seamlessly manage the tools engineers need to design and develop products..

Application integration and automation expertise:

Utilize our years of experience implementing integration and automation algorithms to streamline your design process, saving countless hours of design time.



Creating digital solutions to accelerate your engineers’ design and development.


Increasing R&D collaboration for higher productivity and morale.


Integrating your applications and infrastructure for optimum efficiency and performance.


Creating a competitive advantage by unlocking insights out of your engineering data.

CAD and PDM Application Management

CAD systems and data management is our passion. We can help you implement the tools to ensure your success with it, but what then?

Some companies can justify a full-time position dedicated to administering CAD data management, others cannot. Relying on the company’s IT team, which is already stretched thin, often results in less than optimal results. The reality for most companies is that a CAD engineer gets wrangled into the position. She or he has to perform his or her normal duties while ensuring that the organization’s CAD/PDM system is operating properly. Unfortunately, this approach also results in less than optimal results.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better solution!

Well, you’re in luck because SPK and Associates, a leader in CAD and PDM application management, can take the reins and manage your CAD systems and data. Now your design engineers can focus on what they do best – developing better products, faster with fewer interruptions.

We have over 20-years of extensive experience optimizing and managing multiple CAD tools from different vendors. This also includes implementing and automating engineering design workflows, tasks and data replication.

Whether your CAD or PDM is hosted on-site or in the Cloud, SPK can be your CAD/PDM Admin and provide you with unparalleled CAD/PDM application support. In fact, many of our clients confuse our engineers as their own employees – that’s the kind of service and commitment we strive to provide and that you can count on.

When combined with our vCAD for SOLIDWORKS, our remote CAD/PDM Admin support makes even more sense.

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