How can our Cloud Design, Architecture and Migration Service help you?
Customized architecture:

Full-service cloud solutions with custom architecture suited to your needs and minimal downtime migration.

Customized cloud support:

Cloud solutions include hybrid, private and public cloud solutions based on your organization’s needs.

Full-service deployment support:

Deployment of all applications and solutions, including staging and testing to ensure everything works from the word go.



Innovating the right solutions for your organization’s needs.


Increasing organizational collaboration for increased productivity and morale.


We do the dirty work your engineers don’t want to do, allowing them to focus on being engineers.


Making your tools and infrastructure integrate efficiently for optimum performance.

Cloud Design, Architecture and Migration Summary

Our team boasts combined decades of experience designing cloud architecture and migrating data and applications into the cloud. Cloud migration begins with careful infrastructure planning. Whatever your business needs, goals and strategy are, we can design a cloud infrastructure and architecture to meet those needs. We are partnered with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google, and will choose the best fit for your technical and business requirements., Your IT team doesn’t have to and shouldn’t have to move you into the cloud. Leave it to SPK and take advantage of our cloud expertise and experience.

Businesses that trust in SPK

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