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(vCAD) Virtual CAD Update August 2022

Written by Mike Solinap
Published on July 28, 2022
Categories: vCAD

vCAD, or virtual CAD, is our solution to your 2D and 3D designing capabilities. It’s revolutionising design teams globally. Check out the latest August 2022 virtual CAD update and release information below.

Virtual CAD Update: Tips & Tricks 

So many customers globally are enjoying vCAD. That’s why we’re telling you this helpful tip that many of you may not be aware of. vCAD supports the NICE DCV desktop client.  Some benefits over the browser HTML5 interface include:

  • Physical printer support
  • Lower latency connectivity / better responsiveness
  • Improved dual-monitor support
  • USB Passthrough for license dongles or 3D mice & space controllers

The NICE DCV Windows Client is available for download here.

NICE DVC Windows Client

Virtual CAD Update: Features & Improvements


Our team have been hard at work improving the vCAD Portal.  Now, we have released trusted SSL support for the streaming desktop traffic.  So, you will now notice that workstations now load in your browser as https://instanceID.vcad.pro/ .

You should no longer be receiving any certificate related browser errors.

Ansys logo

vCAD now supports Ansys workloads.   You can contact us to discuss how you can run your Ansys simulations on our scalable, cost-effective platform.  Learn more about our Ansys services here.

vCAD Feedback

We’re always looking at new way to improve the vCAD platform for our customers.  Your feedback is valuable, and we’re always open to new ideas and improvements for vCAD. You can contact our support team here with any ideas, questions or concerns.

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