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Top Data Center Power Planning Considerations

Published by SPK Blog Post
on November 10, 2011

Our Infrastructure Management Services include data center migration planning and deployment. Recently, I moved two different companies to new facilities. Both had drastically different IT needs. One was heavier on infrastructure and server room. The other was not focused so much on infrastructure as it was on phones and vendor services. For the first company, we needed to plan the data center carefully to ensure a smooth operation once we moved. One of the challenges was power. Below is some information about things to think about in your next move.  Let me know if you have other opinions or experiences.

Data Center Power Plan for a New Site

Before anything, determine the service level agreement you need to meet.  Most Data Centers fall
into three categories:

1.  HA – typically a Collocation facility.  This is where you need fully redundant N+1 power,
network, and cooling for applications that are always up.
2.  Corporate critical daytime but available for scheduled maintenance evenings or
weekends.  Some potential outages may occur for unexpected hardware failures but
critical infrastructure is redundant.
3.  Engineering Data Center.   Desired to be up but no one is willing to pay to create a higher
availability with redundant architecture.

In this case, we’ll focus on …

Download the Full document here.

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