Keeping An AWS Web Stack Up To Date So A Client Could Continue To Innovate

As part of its support responsibilities for one client, SPK provides operational managed services for a core application. This application was running in an Amazon data center stack. SPK discovered that some custom code in the application was out of date, and could be exploited for security weakness. This legacy platform also wouldn’t allow the client to upgrade to all the newest software features made possible by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Eventually, it was clear the entire application needed to be retired for a new one. However, because such an information technology project costs time and money, the client decided to wait as long as possible. At last, SPK began the migration from the old application. This required extensive testing, and close work with the client’s own developers to make sure there were no bugs.

The system is now fully operational as a complete AWS application, and it’s faster and more secure. Also, by trusting SPK to do most of the migration work, the client was free to focus on development and innovation.

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