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January 2022 vCAD feature updates

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Published by Mike Solinap
on January 12, 2022

Happy New Year vCAD Users!

It was a busy 2021 in terms of vCAD development and feature enhancements. We’ve been receiving lots of feedback regarding the platform, and we’re assembling a roadmap for 2022 based on our users’ needs. Here’s what to expect in 2022:

2-Factor Authentication (Q1)

With security on everyone’s mind these days, it’s critical that we make our login interface more robust. The development of our 2FA code is complete, and we’ll be entering more formal testing. New user accounts will need to be created, so we will coordinate with each of our customers closely to facilitate this transition.

More graceful error handling. (Q1)

Certain actions on the AWS side caused unexpected behavior within the vCAD platform. We have several enhancements in place that will handle these situations much better.

Cost Reporting. (Q1)

We’ve been improving our backend reporting in preparation for making this data available to customers in real-time via the portal.

Here are some things we’re also working on for release later this year.

Improved Idle time out optimizations. (Q2)

Finer grained control over when your workstations should be automatically stopped and started.

Passthrough authentication. (Q3)

Once signed into the vCAD portal, you will be seamlessly signed into any workstation you create without having to provide a second set of credentials to DCV.

We appreciate your business as we strive to improve the vCAD platform. We are very interested in your feedback and suggestions. Please drop us a quick email at vcad@spkaa.com with any suggestions you have for improving the product.


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