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Gain Greater Insight into Storage Device Operation with HD Tune

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Written by SPK Blog Post
Published on January 15, 2013

This week we have a look at HD Tune, which analyzes and benchmarks storage devices.  HD Tune can be used on either hard disk drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD), which allows for comparisons between these different types of devices.  Here are some useful features that HD Tune can provide:

  1. Benchmark numbers for your computer’s storage devices.
  2. Ability to check both hard drives and solid state drives.
  3. Error detection scans for storage devices.
  4. Various status items for storage devices, including device temperature.
  5. Ability to write and store statistics for later use and comparison.
As with many tools, there is a free version (HD Tune) and a paid version (HD Tune Pro).  The paid version allows for a free download and evaluation period, also.  Since the tool is free, there is really no risk to downloading it and trying it out.  HD Tune is available at www.hdtune.com, and it’s a simple matter to get either the free version or the evaluation paid version.

For further information, continue reading our Using HD Tune to Determine HDD or SSD How-To article. Check back and let us know about your experiences with HD Tune!

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