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AWS re:Invent 2022: Everything You Need To Know

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Written by Mike Solinap
Published on January 18, 2023

Miss out on AWS re:Invent 2022? Or, just looking for a recap on the latest AWS updates and releases from the event? Check out the summary below.

What is AWS re:Invent?

AWS re:Invent is an annual conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for developers, customers, and partners. It typically includes keynote presentations, technical sessions, hands-on workshops, and other events and activities.

AWS re:Invent is an opportunity for users of AWS to learn about the new services, features, best practices and case studies. Additionally, it provides users an opportunity to network with other AWS users and experts.

AWS re:invent 2022 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, as a valued AWS partner, SPK and Associates was in attendance. Check out the update below to discover a summary of the 2022 event.

Amazon CTO Wants You to Simulate

AWS re:Invent: Accelerating Software Development

At SPK, we have deep expertise with many DevOps tools. Indeed, we help drive processes enabling development teams to operate efficiently and effectively.  Additionally, we partner with several vendors that align with our overall DevOps strategy. Because of this, we’re well aware of the complexities and challenges in getting development teams bootstrapped. That’s why, we’re delighted AWS re:Invent announced CodeCatalyst – a unified software development service. It’s intention is to reduce friction throughout the development cycle.

CodeCatalyst offers the following:

        • Blueprints that set up the project’s resources. This isn’t just scaffolding for new projects, but also the resources needed to support software delivery and deployment.
        • On-demand cloud-based Dev Environments. Making it easy to replicate consistent development environments for you or your teams.
        •  Issue management. Enabling tracing of changes across commits, pull requests, and deployments.
        •  Automated build and release (CI/CD) pipelines using flexible, managed build infrastructure.
        • Dashboards to surface a feed of project activities such as commits, pull requests, and test reporting.
        • The ability to invite others to collaborate on a project with just an email.
        • Unified search. Making it easy to find what you’re looking for across users, issues, code, and other project resources.

AWS re:Invent: Expanded Compute Instance Types

As part of SPK’s offerings, we provide hosted managed services for a diverse range of Engineering workloads. Our infrastructure team supports a variety of applications, including :

  • 3D CAD platforms, Web Application Servers,
  • Simulation environments,
  • low-latency/high-throughput data processing systems.  

Therefore, it’s critical to select the appropriate instance type for the target application. Not only from a performance perspective but also from a cost perspective. Having access to the wide selection of EC2 instance types that AWS provides in turn helps SPK provide a better service to our customers.

AWS has announced the launch of 3 new instance types:

          • HPC7g:   Based on AWS’s own Graviton (ARM based) architecture, this new instance family offers the best price-performance for customers’ HPC workloads. For example: CFD, weather simulations, genomics, and molecular dynamics on Amazon EC2. Hpc7g instances provide up to 2x better floating-point performance compared to current generation C6gn instances powered by Graviton2 processors and up to 20% higher performance compared to current generation Hpc6a instances, enabling customers to carry out complex calculations across HPC clusters up to tens of thousands of cores. Hpc7g instances also provide high-memory bandwidth and 200 Gbps of Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) network bandwidth to achieve faster time to results for HPC applications.
          • C7gn:  C7gn instances, featuring new AWS Nitro Cards powered by new, fifth-generation Nitro chips with network acceleration, offer the highest network bandwidth and packet-processing performance across Amazon EC2 network-optimized instances while using less power.  Customers use Amazon EC2 network-optimized instances to run their most demanding network-intensive workloads like network virtual appliances (e.g., firewalls, virtual routers, and load balancers) and data encryption.
          • Inf2:  Inf2 instances, powered by new Inferentia2 chips, support large deep learning models (e.g., LLMs, image generation, and automated speech detection) with up to 175 billion parameters while delivering the lowest cost per inference on Amazon EC2. Inf2 is the first inference-optimized Amazon EC2 instance that supports distributed inference, a technique that spreads large models across several chips to deliver the best performance for deep learning models with more than 100 billion parameters.

Increased Big Data and Analytics Capabilities

At SPK, we provide data engineering solutions to help companies plan for and execute a strategy around their data. Typically, this data is sourced from both their product and line of business applications. SPK relies on several different technologies to support the storage, organization, processing, and access of this data. In some cases, these datasets are so large, that traditional on-prem infrastructure cannot adequately support this capability. The products and technologies that we have been using as part of these solutions include AWS S3 & Redshift, Snowflake, Matillion, and Power BI to name a few.

At re:Invent, AWS announced a couple of new products in this space, as well as new capabilities for their existing database and analytics products:

AWS Clean Rooms

A new analytics service that helps companies across industries easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their combined datasets. All without sharing or revealing underlying data. With AWS Clean Rooms, customers can create a secure data clean room in minutes. Additionally, they can collaborate with other companies in the AWS Cloud to generate unique insights about…

        • Advertising campaigns
        • Investment decisions
        • Clinical research
        • And more

AWS DataZone

AWS DataZone is a new data management service. It’s making it faster and easier for customers to catalog, discover, share, and govern data stored across AWS, on-premises. And third-party sources.

Amazon DataZone makes it easy for engineers, data scientists, product managers, analysts, and business users too. It does this through data access throughout an organization so they can discover, use, and collaborate with data to derive insights.

Other notable mentions at AWS re:Invent 2022:

          • Amazon Redshift now supports a high availability configuration across multiple AWS Availability Zones.
          • AWS Glue Data Quality cuts time for data analysis and rule identification from days to hours. It does this by automatically measuring, monitoring, and managing data quality in data lakes and across data pipelines.
          • Amazon Athena for Apache Spark enables customers to get started with interactive analytics using Apache Spark in less than a second, instead of minutes


Because AWS is so widely used by large and small organizations, it’s inevitable that there will be information people need to know. We’re delighted that a smart technology partner like AWS provides a fun, and enjoyable way to utilize the technologies that will power tomorrow.

SPK are certified AWS partners who we can help you to implement, migrate, manage and maintain your AWS architecture. Contact us here to speak with SPK’s team of AWS experts.

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