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A Journey Through PTC’s Corporate Experience Center (CXC)

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Written by Carlos Almeida
Published on December 15, 2023
Categories: PTC | PTC RV&S

In 2019, PTC made a significant move to their technology-rich headquarters in Boston, marking a pivotal moment in their business transformation. The headquarters aren’t just a symbol of their established success though. Instead, they are a living and breathing example of their mission: Power to Create. On the 17th floor of PTC HQ in Boston, clients can experience the Corporate Experience Center (CXC). In this blog post, we’ll give you an intro to the CX Center, and tell you how to score yourself a visit.

What to Expect from the CXC 

The PTC CXC is all about exploring the transformational journey as their digital technologies reshape your physical products, processes, and workforce. You’ll Immerse yourself in the latest advancements through hands-on experiences with cutting-edge digital technology. Additionally, you can also dive into real-world use cases to uncover how your company can achieve significant business impact through digital transformation.

Virtual And Physical Meetings

Whether you join in person or virtually, you can engage in highly customized technical demonstrations. These sessions unveil how various organizations have tackled challenges and navigated operational changes, empowering them to effectively confront disruptions. Ultimately, it’s clear PTC is committed to sharing these invaluable lessons, igniting innovation, and steering your success on the path forward.

Meeting Rooms Redefined

Beyond demonstrations, the CXC fosters collaboration in six meeting rooms with programmable curved LED lighting. Plus, the lighting adapts to match each customer’s brand color, adding a personalized touch to the customer experience – a perfect example of how PTC always considers the finer details.


Whilst the experiences might change from time to time, here’s a snapshot of what The CX Studio offered December 2023:

  • Digital Thread: Spark innovation and break down silos across your value chain through improved transparency and accuracy of information. 
  • Engineering Excellence: Deliver high-performing product designs more quickly, efficiently and with less expense.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency: Improve manufacturing productivity by effectiveness of both assets and workers.
  • Sales and Marketing Experiences: Accelerate sales cycles, reduce sales overheads and differentiate your offering.
  • Service Optimization: Increase service effectiveness and drive customer satisfaction whilst reducing overheads.
PTC Corporate Experience Center


At SPK, we’re proud to be PTC partners. They continually showcase how they are at the forefront of collaboration, innovation and efficiency. And, the Corporate Experience Center is a perfect example of how they bring this to life. So, if you would like to visit the CX Center in Boston, you can request to visit here or you can contact SPK and we will work with you and PTC to arrange a visit.

And, as always, if you need any other tips, tricks or help with your PTC products, our team is here to help.

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