Productivity Add-Ons

SPK and Associates is excited to provide additional productivity tools to maximize your Windchill RV&S (PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager) investment.  These tools were designed as a result of our experiences and best practices across many customers.


SPK Trace Report Engine™

Generate Excel Trace-Reports from Windchill RV&S (PTC Integrity) with much greater flexibility.  Satisfy internal business/audit requirements by providing reports the way your business needs to see them.

Features of the SPK Trace Report Engine™:

  • Precise control over how the Integrity data model is traversed
  • Flexibility for report layout; the alignment and color of data cells can be controlled, and Artifact definition is more precise
  • Option to generate a Summary or Overview tab based on fields contained in the Document traversal started from
  • Supports selection of a server-based report template at run time, allowing multiple report types to be generated from a single custom button
  • Supports rendering of rich text tables as embedded tables within the Overview tab
  • Supports multiple trace tab reports from a single traversal data set
  • Supports color coding of specific Artifact field values
  • Supports client-side integration or server-side integration (improved security when using pre-defined report user credentials)

SPK Document Restructuring Utility (DTU)

Instead of have several document view windows open and having to manually create traces between them, simplify your architecture and gain a productivity boost with SPK’s Document Restructuring Utility.  Work more intuitively within a single document, create multi-type relationships and restructure your document with one click.

Features of the SPK Document Restructuring Utility:

  • Automatically restructure any Windchill RV&S (PTC Integrity) Document which has a well-defined structure definition, and whose elements are correctly ordered.
  • Supports Document structures with up to ten levels of hierarchy
  • Supports “containing” headings (top-level headings that should act as containers for the rest of the content Items within the Document)
  • Automatically establish specific trace relationships between each level of hierarchy and its parent
  • Corrects Document structures where elements are either higher or lower than they should be in the hierarchy, as long as the content Item ordering is correct (Items that should be parent, or containing Items come before those Items that should be children or next level of hierarchy Items)
  • Single parameter file that can be stored on the Windchill RV&S (PTC Integrity) Server can hold the structure definition for an unlimited number of Document types
  • Option to display a graphical dialog which indicates when the Document restructuring has completed
  • Option to display a graphical problem dialog that summarizes any issues that the Document Restructuring Utility was not able to resolve (typically indications of an incorrectly ordered set of content Items)
  • Powerful logging capabilities with user control over the level of logging allows users to create audit logs of the restructuring operations, or determine why a given Document restructuring had issues, if such issue occur
  • Commercial software product, based on published Windchill RV&S (PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager) APIs, that supports Windchill RV&S (PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager) 10.0 through 10.7