SPK LicenseMiner

The simple, must-have tool for managing Engineering software licenses.

  • All your licenses, in one dashboard.
  • Instant visibility into usage, demand, and server status.
  • Indisputable resolution of “feature overspend” and “allocation turf wars”

Engineering managers do their best to provide their teams with the software tools they need to perform their jobs. But licenses are expensive. So forecasting and allocation—across projects, groups, and applications—has become part art, part alchemy.

Not anymore.

Introducing SPK LicenseMiner. It’s the first and only web-based tool for instantly, easily, and affordably gaining that long-needed visibility into your licensing spend and usage.

  • See who’s using what, and when. With LicenseMiner, there’s zero ambiguity. You can drill down by team, by application, by server, by day, by hour… anywhere, anytime.
  • Stop wasting money by purchasing more licenses—or even features—than you actually need and use.
  • Eliminate lockouts during peak usage. Stop sweating over the possibility of insufficient license availability. LicenseMiner’s proactive alerts empower preemptive planning.
  • Allocate intelligently. Ever wonder if certain engineers are “hogging” valuable licenses for lower-priority projects? End the guessing game with LicenseMiner.
  • Budget brilliantly. Armed with LicenseMiner data and graphs, you can better manage your software budget, easily spotting the best times to purchase new licenses and capture volume discounts.

As powerful as it is easy

LicenseMiner is a cloud-based solution. So you can access it from any web-enabled device. Setup is simple, and takes just minutes.

Yet LicenseMiner is powerful. It monitors any FlexLM-based application—including Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, SolidWorks, and PTC, to name but a few.

Packed with features

  • Dashboard shows you servers that are up—and down. You’ll see which features will soon expire—and get eye-opening views of which features never get used.
  • View licenses and users, with the ability to search and sort as you like.
  • Advanced Analytics provide real-time and historical data on license usage, with clear charts and heat maps, showing peak usage, and allocation across teams, groups, geographies, applications… however you choose to slice and dice the data.

Unbelievably affordable

Larger license-management tools cost a small fortune. Smaller tools offer fewer features, and are difficult to set up. LicenseMiner, on the other hand, starts at just $10 a month.

Better yet, you can try it—absolutely free—for 60 days. It’s, well, a no-brainer.

Simply contact sales@spkaa.com for more information. Or sign up below to receive your free trial account.

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