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WebInject Scripting to Perform Advanced Monitoring

Written by SPK Blog Post
Published on August 19, 2011

Nagios is a wonderful tool. However, there are limits to what you can do with it directly. As my colleague Brad discussed in a recent blog post, using NRPE is a powerful tool for Windows. For complicated web checks that require multi-step operation, we use: WebInject.

WebInject enhances Nagios in multiple ways:

1) Creates stateful requests by defining variables
2) Allows multi-step processing
3) Provides both GET and POST
4) Supports unlimited customization in each step

Each step in the configuration is a “case” with a unique “id”. WebInject also allows for setting variables such as the “SSO_USER” and “SSO_PASS” variable.

Each webinject starts with a configuration file that „s pretty simple. You have to estimate the length of time in seconds. If this “globaltimeout” is reached, then the script will fail so you need to accommodate for busy times on the servers. The “reporttype” needs to be Nagios in order for it to integrate. The “testcasefile” is the filename of the actual request:

To read this full HowTo download: Webinject_Websites

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